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PROFITsystems Announces Release of PROFITprofessional 12.0

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PROFITsystems, Inc. announced the release of PROFITprofessional 12.0, retail enterprise software specifically designed for the home goods industry. Mitch Hight, CIO of PROFITsystems, considers this to be PROFITsystems’ most comprehensive release to date. “With this release we wanted to offer enhancements to current features that will improve a client’s day-to-day productivity,” said Hight. “PROFITprofessional 12.0 includes an entirely new suite of reporting capabilities, and “what if” analysis with our Executive Dashboard.  This analysis tool allows retailers to see how changes they are considering in their business will affect their bottom line.  This is a tremendous advantage in their effort toward improved profitability,” he continued.   

“We know that the success of our clients means success for us. So, while many companies are cutting services and costs, we took the opportunity to invest in the most feature-rich product release in our company's history. We listened to our 800-plus clients and created a simpler, extremely robust, and innovative set of tools to maximize profits while making everyone's job easier,” stated Jeff Niskern, CEO of PROFITsystems.  

PROFITprofessional 12.0 continues to offer the profit enhancing features that have made PROFITsystems the premier solutions provider to the home goods industry. Focusing on the “5 SMART steps” that consist of: Spotting winners, Maintaining winners in stock, Auto-moving unprofitable merchandise out quickly, Rewarding sales people with high gross margin sales, and Target marketing existing clients, has been a successful pattern for their clients, and is a large component of the newest release. Highlights of PROFITprofessional 12.0 include: 

    -Improved Executive Dashboards that include graphs, charts, and what-if analysis that allow retailers to better monitor their business. 

    -Enhanced Merchandise Transfer Orders (MTO) that improve the flow of product between the distribution center and the retail showrooms. 

    -Additional suite of reports for management that provides GMROI, superior tracking of inventory, category, and vendor performance, and forecasts sales trends and dynamically recommends optimal inventory levels. 

    -Enriched special order management that improves accuracy and efficiency when placing custom orders. 

    -Expanded service module that provides superior customer service and order tracking capabilities. 

    -Augmented marketing tools that help sales people become more efficient in closing add-on sales. 

    -Other highlights include new shortcuts, simplified finalization of work processes, as well as additional features and tasks that can be accomplished from one screen providing uncomplicated job management. 

PROFITsystems is the leading total solutions provider of the home goods industry. Key components of their retail solutions include enterprise software, consulting, performance groups, advanced education, group-buying freight programs, e-commerce, and human resources. PROFITprofessional’s features include real-time inventory management, customer relations management, and accounting systems. For additional information on PROFITsystems please visit their website: www.profitsystems.com or call 800.888.5565