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Furniture Training Company Announces Training Website Enhancements

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The Furniture Training Company (FTC) announced a major enhancement of www.furnituretrainingcompany.com, a website specifically designed to train retail furniture salespeople to sell more furniture. Mike Petersen, senior Vice-president Marketing of FTC said, “The website upgrades make it easier and faster to use our internet-delivered sales training. The changes are focused on keeping sales people in the training loop so they’ll sell more furniture every single day. We also incorporated major features of social media networking which now allow furniture salespeople to learn and share sales training techniques with each other from across the country and around the world.”

The www.furnituretrainingcompany.com website’s new social media tools include an interactive discussion forum that allows subscribers to receive answers to their furniture sales questions. Subscribers can post any question about selling furniture. They receive answers from other furniture salespeople, sales and training managers, and industry experts. Non-subscribed site visitors can view forum questions and answers but are unable to post questions or answers. Website subscribers and visitors can also receive sales tips in the form of “twitter messages” sent from The Furniture Training Company directly to their mobile phones.

Major upgrades to the www.furnituretrainingcompany web site include:

  • Individualized training dashboards for each subscriber
  • Specialized dashboards specifically for store owners and managers
  • Audio podcasts of audio furniture sales training lessons (worksheets are included)
  • Training review game focused on product knowledge benefits
  • Easier to use reports for tracking furniture sales associates training progress
  • Specialized furniture discussion forum for use by website subscribers
  • Social networking features via twitter subscription for regularly motivating salespeople

Access to the website costs just $20 a month per person. Retailers who belong to furniture associations and buying groups may receive additional discounts.

For more information on the training website that Furniture Training Company provides, call Mark Lacy at (866) 755-5996 or check out their one month free offer by clicking here.