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Sleep Studio LLC To Introduce SleepJoy Brand Mattresses In Las Vegas

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Sleep Studio LLC  announced that it will return to the Winter Las Vegas Furniture Market with a new line of mattresses and pillows featuring its exclusive ViscoFresh® enhanced memory foam. The new line is available under the company’s SleepJoy® brand, with the tagline of Wake up happy!®.

Sleep Studio is showing its new line at the Winter Las Vegas Furniture Market in Building C, Showroom 1350. 

The idea of ViscoFresh originated four years ago in the Sleep Studio laboratory, when the company’s technicians set out to create the next generation of memory foam. The goal was to address the two most common consumer complaints, overheating and odor and at the same time reduce the material’s impact on the environment. After years of refinement, Sleep Studio is now producing ViscoFresh® in its U.S. facilities.

In two important steps, ViscoFresh® enhanced memory foam takes the category to fresh new levels. First, by combining an open-cell construction with ventilation, ViscoFresh® maximizes air circulation to virtually eliminate heat retention. Second, with a unique blend of natural green tea, ViscoFresh® is naturally free of chemical odor.

“Like a one, two punch, ViscoFresh jumps out in front of the overcrowded memory foam field,” said Sleep Studio President and CEO Michael Rothbard. “By offering all the body hugging, comfort and pressure relief of memory foam, without the overheating and chemical odor, we’ve eliminated any barriers to purchase and any reason for retail to suffer comfort returns.”

In addition to advances in comfort, ViscoFresh® makes important strides for the environment. ViscoFresh® uses plant-based ingredients in its formulation, including a castor bean derivative in lieu of soy. ViscoFresh® also uses a proprietary anti-microbial treatment called MicroSafe® which is more eco-friendly than the more commonly used UltraFresh®.

“Naturally speaking, ViscoFresh® goes farther than any other memory foam to address environmental concerns, castor bean is more eco-friendly than soy and MicroSafe doesn’t harm sea life the way UltraFresh® does” says Rothbard. “From a consumer’s perspective, for anyone who might be concerned by the talk of off gassing, the lack of any chemical odor will put their mind at ease.”

The new ViscoFresh® mattresses and pillows will be branded SleepJoy® with the tagline of “Wake up happy!”®. The brand has been designed to evoke the positive experience consumers have with the company’s ViscoFresh® material.

The SleepJoy mattress line is available in a simple assortment consisting of three constructions: Caress (plush), Vitality (medium) and Performance (firm). Each of these three constructions is available in a 9-inch Euro profile or a 12-inch pillow-top Luxe profile. Retail pricing for the new lineup begins at $1,500 in queen. In addition, the SleepJoy line includes four unique pillow constructions that offer a great add on sales opportunity.

“We feel the success of the memory foam category has caused a piling on that has reached the saturation point and causes confusion for consumers,” Rothbard added. “We simplify the decision process by offering easy to understand benefits and pricing options. With our value and service, we don’t see any reason for retailers to go to China for Tempur-Pedic alternatives as many of them now do.”

Sleep Studio was founded in 2006 by industry veterans Michael Rothbard and Chris Ann Ernst, to bring product innovations to the specialty sleep category. Sleep Studio is based in New York City and manufactures the entire SleepJoy at its U.S. facilities. Its products are vacuum-packed and rolled for easy delivery and installation. The company will also be offering retailers a drop-ship program direct to consumers.