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Sedlak Interiors Opens Brand New Mattress Gallery

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Sedlak Interiors, one of Northern Ohio’s largest furniture stores, announced that it has just unveiled a newly remodeled mattress gallery featuring Shifman Mattresses. In preparation for the grand opening event, Mike Hammer, CEO of Shifman Mattresses and Bill Hammer, President of Shifman Mattresses, will be at Sedlak May 4th, 2010 to open the gallery. John Sedlak, Owner of Sedlak Interiors, will be hosting this one-time event.

The mattress gallery, located on The Street of Dreams in the 100,000 square foot furniture store, has undergone a floor to ceiling improvement.

"We really wanted to give our customers a complete visual and sensory mattress shopping experience.  We incorporated elements of luxury and comfort into the entire room," comments Mike Culp, Bedding Manager.

The first thing customers notice when entering the gallery is the flooring. The plush carpet is supported by an 80 ounce carpet pad, which gives customers the subtle sensation of walking on clouds.

The ceiling of the gallery is a beautiful Sky FactoryŠ installation featuring a six-panel skylight design that gives the illusion of an outdoor sky with billowing clouds. "The skylight is one of the most beautiful features of the gallery.  Customers can lay back on the mattresses, test the feel and truly enjoy the ambiance of the room." Mike continues.

Even with all of the remodeling, the true highlight of the Sedlak mattress gallery is the mattress selection itself. Sedlak’s primarily features Shifman Mattresses, a luxury brand of hand-crafted mattresses specifically sought out by the Sedlak family for its quality and craftsmanship. Shifman is found in the finest stores throughout the country.

"The Shifman experience is all about comfort, quality and true craftsmanship, so we are delighted that Sedlak’s customers get to have that experience in the new gallery," commented Bill Hammer, President of Shifman Mattresses. "Sedlak Interiors is a valued retailer and Shifman looks forward to strengthening this partnership with the launch of the new mattress gallery." 


Shifman has been crafting luxury, two-sided mattresses for more than 117 years.  An exclusive hand-tufting technique locks each layer into place and eliminates shifting and bunching. The boxsprings are eight-way hand-tied with hourglass-shaped upholstery coils and tied with imported Italian twine, providing the highest level of comfort and durability.  Additionally, each mattress uses the finest domestic and international fabrics from Belgium and sets the standard for thread count, weight and strength.  Each premium mattress is filled with up to 65 pounds of high-grade cotton to provide ultimate comfort. 


"We are excited with our decision to sell Shifman mattresses and we have done tremendous business with this product.  The company has a great story and the product is one of a kind – making it an easy sell," commented Jeff Sedlak, of Sedlak Interiors.  "Shifman has restored our confidence in the mattress industry.  Our sales staff was extremely skeptical of mattresses considering the high number of complaints we experienced with other brands.  Now, everyone is completely energized to sell these mattresses.  In fact, many of our staff has purchased a Shifman mattress for themselves."

About Sedlak Interiors: Sedlak Interiors’ 100,000-square-foot "Street of Dreams" retail furniture showroom and interior design center features hundreds of the top brands from America and around the world. Family owned since 1947, Sedlak Interiors has become the leader in the furnishings and home decorating by providing quality furniture, affordable prices, excellent customer service and a legendary selection.

About Shifman Mattresses: Shifman is a leading designer and manufacturer of luxury, hand-crafted mattresses that are built with the same commitment to quality, integrity and true craftsmanship that the company was founded on 117 years ago. A family-owned company, Shifman operates under the management of the Hammer family.  In 2008, Shifman enhanced its facility with a 24,000 square foot, state-of-the-art warehouse addition in Newark, NJ.  Shifman has a proven track record of creating strategic partnerships with its dealers to increase sales and customer satisfaction.