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Severe Flooding In Middle Tennessee Hits Crescent Fine Furniture

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Cesent Fine Furniture reported that severe flooding in Middle Tennessee over the weekend hit Cresent Fine Furniture’s distribution facility and offices, based in Gallatin, just north of Nashville.

The highwater mark was well above the 500 year flood line on the company’s property surveys, according to Taylor Condra, vice president of operations. "We received 14.75 inches of rain in a 36 hour period.  Our distribution facility’s floor height is built above the 500 year flood elevation and we still had 12-16 inches of water in warehouse", Condra said

Cresent owners were on the scene as soon as roads became passable to assess the damage to property and inventory.  Jody Condra, vice president of sourcing, returned from Vietnam to oversee the furniture restoration project.  "The first order of business is to isolate any wet merchandise in an offsite warehouse so it is not co-mingled with dry merchandise", Condra said.  "Having worked in Asia for almost a decade, we have experience with finished goods exposed to water, especially during the monsoon season", Condra added.

Cresent re-opened for business on Monday morning and is shipping merchandise as scheduled, despite the natural disaster. Cresent CEO Tommy Tomkins offered "we were fortunate that all of our team members are safe and did not sustain any dramatic personal losses like many of our neighbors that we have witnessed first-hand. Our thoughts and prayers are with those whose homes were affected by this epic flood."


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