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von Hemert Interiors Celebrates 90 Years

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After 90 years as a leader in sophisticated furnishings and interior design in Southern California, the upscale von Hemert Interiors company announced they will be celebrating with a magnificent re-grand opening and re-design of one of their landmark von Hemert Interiors stores located in Laguna Beach, CA.

von Hemert Interiors is famously known throughout Orange County and Los Angeles for their opulent and upscale furnishings and design offerings. The von Hemert store specializes in interior design, imported Italian furnishings and is well known as the one stop for unique pieces, such as one-of-a kind Italian pieces, original art and designer collections. Product offerings also include contemporary and modern styles as well. The newly remodeled Laguna Beach location will feature prized pieces and have more of a boutique feel than the other two stores.

"The re-model and re-opening of the Laguna Beach store is dear to my heart and a very sentimental moment for our family. This is where it started when my great grandmother opened our first store up in Los Angeles 90 years ago. My great grandmother, grandfather, parents and now my siblings and I have worked for the company and expanded it to what it is now. The Laguna store is the crown jewel of our three stores and that is why we decided to do a very special rejuvenation at this location," said Carrie von Hemert, Vice President and co-owner of von Hemert. "We have a loyal customer base who still come in with stories of our grandparents delivering their furniture in the back of their station wagon. This is not only going to be a delight for our customers but a tribute to our family," she continued.

The von Hemert company is not only known for their beautiful and customized pieces. Customers appreciate the special attention by the knowledgeable staff, which consists of designers who have worked for the company for an average of twenty years. Unlike many furniture and design companies, many pieces are sold off of the showroom for those customers who want immediate and next day delivery. The store frequently offers new vendors and collections and special features of "new galleries" always keep things exciting and interesting on the showroom floor.

"Our pride in our pieces come from our long line of knowledge and travel to Europe for many years where our offerings are hand selected by the family. We pay special attention to inlays, finishes, sizing’s and no detail is too small or unnoticed," said Barry von Hemert, Chairman of the Board and co-owner of the von Hemert company. " I believe the attention to specialties of our pieces is what brings our loyal customers back and their next generation coming back for years and years," he continued.

Exceptional attention has been paid and no richness has been left out of the redesign of this "crown jewel". Barry, Sue, Mickey, Carrie and Kelly von Hemert collaborated with well-known architect of Laguna Beach Robert McGraw.  Red Point Builder, Dave Shipp from Laguna Beach was the contractor on this project. Over the course of this three year project the von Hemerts wanted an architecture that would reflect many of the unique andalusian style homes in the Shady Canyon and Newport Coastal areas.  The family has always had a love affair with Italy and their beautifully crafted furniture that they shop for every year.  The Italian direction seemed like the natural inclination.  No architectural detail was left out including the beautiful wood framed glass front doors that feature custom wrought iron grill fronts.  Barry and Mickey wanted an old world look and so special attention was paid to the roof tiles creating the look of an old Tuscan villa.  Many of Mickey’s and Barry’s tile inspirations were taken from the beautiful tile ornamentation seen throughout Spain and Portugal.  The Adamson House in Malibu was also a source of inspiration.  Barry and Sue von Hemert selected much of the custom designed tiles decorating the entrance of the store with the help of Georgia Shuwall, design consultant at Mission Tile West.  The tiles are colorful reproductions of the Malibu pottery tiles dating back to the 1920’s, famously known for their rich history of being the most romanticized of California’s clay products.  The custom jelly-fish like fixtures that embellish the façade of the building were created by John Barber, a local Laguna Beach artist to keep with the theme of the beach locale.

The Laguna Beach store will be open to the public on Monday, May 24th. For this special occasion a momentous celebratory party will take place at the Laguna Beach location in July located at 345 N. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA. 92651 where well-known musician Steve Oliver will appear.

About von Hemert Interiors: von Hemert Interiors, the upscale and long-standing furnishing and interior design company was started by great grandmother, Anna von Hemert Martin in 1920. The company has been family owned and operated for over four generations. The current owners are siblings Barry & Sue von Hemert, Chairman of the Board, Mickey von Hemert, President, Carrie von Hemert, Vice President and Kelly von Hemert, CFO. There are three locations including the "crown jewel" store in Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa and Torrance, CA. Known for their specialty imported Italian, and Old World furnishings, customized pieces are also available and are hand selected from Italy by the family. von Hemert offers interior design services by highly accredited designers. von Hemert also specializes in selling designer lines including Baker, Century, Stickley, Hickory Chair, Hickory White, Hancock & Moore, EJ Victor, Taylor King, Theodore Alexander, Maitland-Smith, Sligh, Councill, Jeffco, and many others.  For more information on von Hemert visit www.vonhemertinteriors.com . The new site will relaunch in June.

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