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Vivon International Debuts Industry's First One-Piece Positional Mattress Line In Las Vegas

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Vivon International, LLC, announced the commercial launch of its most technologically sophisticated mattress line and a first for the industry – the Vivon Life Positional Mattress.
The Vivon Life Positional Mattress is the industry’s first mattress to achieve complete positional functionality within a single, self-contained piece. The design encases a patent pending, dual-motor positional system within the mattress for a sleek and aesthetically pleasing design.  As a result, the Vivon Life Positional Mattress can be used with any standard bed, thereby giving consumers positional mattress functionality without the need for special foundations or furniture.
“Let’s face it, bedrooms are not just for sleeping anymore, but traditional adjustable beds are perceived as being for the old and infirm; they’re generally considered clunky and clinical and lacking in style which is why they haven’t been embraced by the younger, more active consumer,” comments Colin Lawrie, VP Sales for Vivon Life.  “The Vivon Life Positional Mattress integrates all of the mechanics inside the mattress allowing a variety of activities while maintaining a sophisticated and sleek styling, so that consumers don’t need to buy new beds or make compromises in their choice of décor or furniture.”
Technological Breakthrough from Advanced Research

Nearly four years of research and development by industry veterans and engineering teams have led to the evolution of the Vivon Life Positional Mattress line.  The patent pending, ultra-silent dual-motor positional system delivers a nearly infinite range of positions designed to conform to virtually any activity from sleeping and therapeutic positioning, to reading, eating, using a laptop, watching TV, and more.
The single piece, integrated system offers additional benefits, including increased safety within the home and cost efficiency of manufacturing the product.  These features make Vivon Life Positional Mattress the first positional system priced within reach of the masses.
Advances in Environmentally Green Materials

In addition to the advanced electronics incorporated into the mattress itself, Vivon Life Positional Mattress uses environmentally friendly materials in construction.  Vivon Life’s proprietary memory foam blend, Restech™, uses seed oil to replace traditional 100% petroleum based products. Natural deodorizers, activated charcoal and green tea are used to eliminate the need to “air out” as is generally required of new mattresses composed solely of old-fashioned memory foam.

Designed for Comfort and Aesthetics, but also for Lifestyle

The Vivon Life Positional Mattress is wrapped in a premium fabric blend that includes Tencel™, known for its moisture-wicking and temperature moderating properties.  Additional features of the Vivon Life Positional Mattress include variable zonal support technology, providing balanced support for the body; wired or wireless remote controls; and optional massage features.

“Vivon Life products are made with the active and technology-embracing consumer in mind. These individuals consider technologically advanced products as vital to achieving success in their careers and in every aspect of their lives,” adds Lawrie.  “At the intersection of technology and comfort, our mattresses are designed to do just that.”
Availability in Specialty Sleep and Furniture Stores

The line of Vivon Life Positional Mattress is comprised of Twin Extra Long models that can be used singularly or paired together for split King configurations.  Coming later this Fall, a Full Size model will also be available along with a Queen size comprised of two individual units that fit standard Queen-size furniture. The line will be available in specialty sleep and furniture stores throughout the United States beginning September 2010, at retail prices comparable with higher end traditional mattress and box spring combinations.

The company is currently taking orders from retailers in the US.  Retailers interested in carrying the Vivon Life Positional Mattress product line should contact the company at 1-877-361-7263.
Demonstration of the Vivon Life Positional Mattress

The Vivon Life Positional Mattress will debut at Las Vegas Market on August 2, 2010. The Vivon Life showroom is located at room C-1538 in Building C. Demonstrations of functionality as well as viewing of the entire line of Vivon Life Positional Mattress will be ongoing throughout the show. Industry buyer appointments can be made by calling 1-877-361-7263, and press briefings can be scheduled by calling Kelly Dinoff of MESH Interactive at 603-595-5637.
About Vivon International, LLC
Vivon International, LLC is a manufacturer of lifestyle mattress systems combining cutting-edge technology and superior materials to support the active lifestyles of today’s sophisticated consumer. With 4 years of advanced research and development in mattress materials and technologies and extensive consumer research resulting in multiple, patented and patent-pending technologies, its new positional mattress line, Vivon Life, is quickly becoming a leader in material and design trends in the mattress industry. Offering both universal and positional mattress lines, Vivon Life mattresses are innovative, sophisticated and conformable to most any lifestyle. For more information on Vivon Life, please visit

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