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Florida Home Furnishings Association Merges With Southeastern Home Furnishings Association

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The Florida Home Furnishings Association (FHFA) and the Southeastern Home Furnishings Association (SEHFA), both affiliates of the National Home Furnishings Association,  announced that they have merged into one organization, the Southeastern Home Furnishings Association.

The new SEHFA will be strengthened and will eliminate needless duplication due to previously overlapping territories in the Florida panhandle.  This merger will breathe new life into the expanded association, and assurances have been set in place to give the Florida contingent a strong voice on the board of directors, thus assuring both memberships a stronger future!  Improved administrative efficiency and lower overhead costs will also help the affiliate, as compared to operating two individual associations.

The merger creates a much larger base of members, and will allow the SEHFA to draw upon their expanded membership base to attract the type of talent they want for conventions and educational programs, and to improve the quality of these programs.
Florida members will join the SEHFA Board of Directors.  The SEHFA By-Laws will be the operating guidelines for the new association, and they will be re-written to incorporate the positive aspects of both organizations.

The leadership of both associations anticipates moving forward to serve their members harmoniously, more effectively and efficiently.

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