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Classic Brands Sees Increased Demand For Mattress Covers

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Classic Brands a leading manufacturer of specialty sleep products announced that it has received scores of calls from its national dealer network over the past few months inquiring about their mattresses made with removable covers, which are designed to be washable. Because professional advice warrants that consumers thoroughly wash all bed covers to kill bed bugs, the company said that the need for washable mattress covers is obvious, and that more retailers should be looking to put these models on their floors.

Infestations of bloodsucking bed bugs have been increasing at a staggering rate in urban areas across the country.

We know from our research that bed bugs do not burrow deep within a mattress unless there are holes in it; they are nesting insects that prefer the crevices and tufts of the mattress ticking, under your linens, said Classic Brands CEO Mike Zippelli. Years ago we started featuring mattresses with  zippered, removable covers for our Dormia memory foam and latex mattresses as an added benefit for hygiene. Due to the recent heightened awareness, consumers are looking for better options. Were now experiencing a high volume of calls regarding this feature.

Cities like New York have allocated emergency funding to eradicate the problem, where an alarming one in ten New York City residents has had bed bugs as reported by a leading New York polling organization.

Zippelli advised consumers to consider the following tips for treatment of the mattress:

Tips for treating or replacing a mattress that has bed bugs

  • Call a licensed technician with a proven track record exterminating bed bugs.
  • Fill out their pre-treatment checklist and be there for the initial visit (count on at least two hours including inspection and application).
  • Follow up visits may be necessary to fully eradicate.
  • Because bed bugs leave behind excrement and stains on the mattress, replacing the mattress may be your only solution if allergic reactions persist.
  • Keep in mind no mattress type whether innerspring, memory foam, latex, or other specialty mattress, can inhibit bed begs from nesting.
  • When replacing a mattress due to a bed bug problem, look for a mattress with its own removable, washable cover so that in the event of another infestation, you can remedy the problem rather than fumigating or replacing the whole mattress.
  • When choosing additional protection products, opt for full-encasement mattress and pillow protectors.

Classic Brands sells its bedding products and accessories under the Dormia, Space Age and Natural Expressions brands, using the finest materials from around the world including all-natural and high-performance covers, lambs wool, Talalay and Dunlop latex, and visco-elastic memory foam.

The company offers enhanced features such as a quilted mattress tops and deluxe combination models that are comprised of memory and latex foam, as well as adjustable beds that allow each person to maximize their own sleep comfort.  Classics line of visco-elastic memory foam and latex mattresses, with various luxurious constructions, represents the fastest growing segment of the bedding market.  The mattresses are designed to help customers get the maximum benefit out of each and every nights sleep.  For more information, visit www.classicmattress.com.

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