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Anatomic Global Returns To High Point Market

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Anatomic Global, a US leader in bio-formula-based memory foam mattresses, announced its return to the High Point Market after a one-year hiatus, affirming their commitment to the show and their East coast retailers.  Their new, expanded showroom will be located at IHFC Space M 510.

“We express our commitment to our customers as ‘incredible support,’ and being at High Point where our East coast customers prefer to shop is another way to support our retail partners,” said Jeff Scorziell, president of Anatomic Global.  “High Point has become an important regional bedding market, and we wanted to continue to expand our horizons just as we are expanding our offerings.”

One of Anatomic Global’s most anticipated product lines at High Point will be the “Sleep by Design” collection which represents a major shift in the concept of visco foam mattresses which allows retailers to build mattresses that suits their customers’ needs.”

The nine-bed “Sleep By Design” product line features the patent-pending “Comfort Support Architecture” which utilizes three to seven progressive layers of up to 6.5 inches of proprietary memory foams and lumbar support constructions to create a customized mattress according to the preferences of the sleeper.  The collection, priced $799 to $2,999, includes the “Avail,” “Ascent” and “Altus” series which offer progressive levels of enhanced support.

In addition to the Sleep by Design mattresses, Anatomic Global’s High Point display will also feature highlights from their extensive selection of top-selling memory foam products, including the Ecomfort Mattress collection featuring five models ranging in price from $999 to $1,899 retail in queen.  Among its features is a technologically superior Anatomic support system which delivers outstanding pressure relief and contouring support.  Within it, a conforming foam layer provides an underlying elastic and fluid feel. 

EcoMemoryFoam™, Anatomic Global’s proprietary, exclusive material, provides shape-conforming comfort and support.  EcoMemoryFoam, an extreme open-cell memory foam, does not retain heat, addressing the most common consumer complaint; sleeping hot on foam bedding.

Anatomic Global says that it has always been at the forefront of innovation in the visco-memory foam space. The company was the first to introduce an ‘extreme’ open cell structure within the foam itself to address heat issues raised by consumers; the first to address sustainable global comfort through the application of bio-based foam formulas, adopt environmentally responsible manufacturing and logistics methods; and are now first to address individual consumer comfort and support – the biggest challenge in the memory foam segment of the market today.

Anatomic Global offers a broad range of proprietary plant-based EcoMemoryFoam™ and conventional foam products that appeal to a diverse consumer base, including mattresses, toppers and pillows. Its earth-friendly products use less energy to process and are vacuum-compressed and rolled for easy, fuel-efficient delivery.

Founded in 1989, Anatomic Global is a fully integrated, EDI capable globally positioned distribution, logistics and fulfillment-company that today incorporates the brand development and marketing insight of bedding industry leaders to meet the needs of its customers.  Deeply rooted in the medical mattress industry, in 2008 the company applied its medical manufacturing expertise and launched the Ecomfort Mattress brand featuring its signature, exclusive EcoMemoryFoam™ extreme open-cell plant-based memory foam.  For more information, visit www.ecomfortmattress.com.

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