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Badcock Enters Social Media With Fully Integrated Campaign

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With the launch of their new campaign, “Joe,” Badcock Home Furniture & more announced that it will offer customers entirely new ways to engage with their brand – and win new furniture. While still using traditional vehicles like television, print and radio, “Joe” also features interactive elements like a promotional microsite, Facebook® application and branded YouTube® channel that serve to facilitate the promotion and establish a social media presence for the brand.
“In an age of increasing social media presence, we wanted to make sure our brand was relevant,” said Mike Price, President of Badcock Home Furniture & more. “But we also wanted to make sure we did it right. So we’re giving our customers a real reason to engage with us, have fun and see how our brand can improve the quality of their lives.”
The new campaign features a loveable family guy, Joe, who has good intentions, but bad luck. This translates into many humorous – yet plausible – furniture mishaps around the house. But Joe’s Badcock account saves the day and gives his family the credit they need to buy whatever they need for their home. Because with Joe, you never know.
Customers can watch the commercials at KnowAJoe.com and submit their own “Joe” stories and/or videos for their chance to win. “Research showed that Joe is a very relatable character; that everyone knows someone like Joe,” said Bill Daughtrey, Executive Vice President of Merchandising & Marketing. “So we’re giving people the opportunity to share those stories, comment on others and win something in the process.”
From the microsite, users can link to Facebook, share via Twitter® and view videos on Badcock’s branded YouTube channel. The promotion will award new furniture from Badcock each month for seven months.
Visit www.KnowAJoe.com for more info.
About W.S. Badcock: Headquartered in Mulberry, Florida, W.S. Badcock has been operating for 106 years and employs over 1,200 corporate employees. There are more than 300 Badcock stores in eight southeastern states. The majority of the stores are owner-operated and offer customers in-store financing on a full range of furniture, bedding, appliances, electronics and accessories.

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