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HD Home: Americasmart's Newest Juried Design Destination Debuts This January

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Building on the success of the established HIGH DESIGN collection in the Market Temporaries, AmericasMart has launched HD Home (High Design Home)—set to debut at the January 2011 Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market. HD Home will feature an exclusive juried lifestyles collection of the nation’s most inspired and design-driven home furnishings and home décor manufacturers.

AmericasMart has invited a select group of the industry’s most dynamic and sought-after manufacturers to be part of HD Home this January. This new juried temporary collection will be staged in the “Center Hall,” which is located in the center of floor 1 in Building 1—long recognized as the destination for HOME products. Each of the hand-selected inaugural companies will have approximately 900 sq. ft. of space to design and showcase their product offerings. The chosen designers are:

Julian Chichester, an eclectic line of high-design furniture and accessories, debuting the Mr. Brown collection in Atlanta at the January show—with both Chichester and Mr. Brown collections possessing English design sensibilities with traditional lines and flourishes (http://www.julianchichester.co.uk/us/index.php);

Bourgeoisie 3D, an edited collection of contemporary classical furniture—all made in America using materials made in America (http://www.bourgeoisie3d.com/);

Design Legacy by Kelly O’Neal, produces furniture featuring a twist on vintage-inspired design with all products created by O’Neal or a small group of designers (www.design-legacy.com);

Ann Gish, renowned creator of luxurious fine linens and bedding—all designed by the company’s namesake (http://www.anngish.com/);

French Laundry Home, creates heirloom, quality home furnishings products crafted in this country from home-grown materials and has been designated a Country Living Artisan (http://www.frenchlaundryhome.com/);

Tara Shaw, built from the ground up by the company’s namesake, featuring spectacular antique reproductions secured and inspired by continuous travel around the globe (www.tarashaw.com);

Modern History, built on the ongoing family tradition of Yorkshire House, it’s a high-end, design-driven furnishings line that tweaks traditional looks via cleaner lines, scale and proportion (www.modernhistoryhome.com);

Camilla House, design atelier and manufacturer of garden products, developing quality garden products that meet the changing needs of design professionals as well as the avid gardener and supported by an in-house design department that can design and develop a single product for a target price or can put together an entire garden program (http://www.camillahouse.com/Home.htm).

Each HD Home exhibitor has its own unique approach to product design, but they all share the same enthusiasm for innovation and collaboration. The collections together create a unique destination for retailers and interior designers unlike any other product center in AmericasMart's four-building campus.

The HD Home showcase supports and enhances the design-driven home furnishings and accessories offered in the permanent showrooms in AmericasMart's HOME building.  Much like HIGH DESIGN and all other Market Temporary categories, HD Home will act as an incubator and path to the permanent showroom collections at AmericasMart further strengthening the overall offerings at Market.

To celebrate and introduce HD Home, AmericasMart is hosting an exclusive preview party at the January Market co-hosted by media sponsor Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.

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