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Weekly Better Bedding Selling Tip #8 - Better or Worse?

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By Gordon Hecht & Denny Bradford, Ashley Sleep

If you wear eyeglasses or contacts, you’ve been through the drill!  You sit in a darkened room and the optometrist flips lenses on you.  And they always ask the same question-“BETTER or WORSE”. This gives them instant feedback and helps you choose the lenses that will give you the best sight.

The same technique should be used when presenting a mattress, the simple question “BETTER or WORSE?” can help you understand if a customer really likes it. Many customers have been sleeping on a substandard mattress for years, and may not understand how proper comfort and support really feels!

The answer “it’s ok” to the question, “how does it feel”, does not give you the information that you need to move further in the process.  After determining your customers’ basic needs in a mattress, recommend two for them to try.  At the second bed-ask the question, does this feel better or worse?

With the BETTER or WORSE qualifying question, the customer is giving you direct input as to where to go. Once they are on the BETTER mattress-go a little further. Ask- “If you could make this one feel better, would you go harder or softer or is it just right?” if they say anything other than “just right” then take them to the next preference level. Ask the question again, “better, worse or just right?” Once you get to just right, you’re done! You have just closed the customer without having to ask for the sale. They have just closed themselves.

You have gone thru the process of elimination with them and they have told you what feels the best to them. Once they have found the right comfort level for them, product specifications, and sometimes price, are an afterthought. Remember, we are selling comfort-not wires, coil turns, and warranty!

Next week - How Long should a Mattress Last?

This series is written by Gordon Hecht and Denny Bradford, Ashley Sleep Directors of Sales. To comment or ask a question on any of the bedding tips in this series, contact Gordon Hecht at ghecht@ashleyfurniture.com.

Gordon Hecht is a 35+ year veteran of the Furniture Business, starting as a delivery helper in Las Vegas, NV.  He has served as a Regional Manager and Director of Training for a large Midwestern chain.  Currently with Ashley Sleep  division of  Ashley Furniture Industries, Gordon travels the East, Midwest, and Canada training retail sales teams on selling bedding and works with store owners to maximize sales.  Gordon resides in Columbus, OH with his wife, and has one adult son.

Denny Bradford started in the bedding business as a store manager for a Texas based waterbed dealer.  His 18 years of sales and management experience includes directing a seven-store bedding chain and serving as Bedding Director for a Dallas based retailer. Denny covers the Western US and Canada for Ashley Sleep.  He resides outside of Dallas, TX with his wife and son.

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