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SuperCat Solutions Partners With FurnishWEB

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SuperCat Solutions, LLC, provider of the iPad sales app, eCat, is partnering with Internet Databases, developer of FurnishWEB, to enable its portal’s users to have seamless access to their sales information from within the eCat app - without requiring app switching or a separate login.a

“We recognize that many manufacturers provide extranets to their sales teams so reps can access current information about their customers, invoice history, sales order backlogs and other information needed to support sales efforts,” says Steve Thrasher, president of SuperCat Solutions. “When the iPad is online, eCat already provides the ability to transparently log the rep in to his company’s extranet site and to switch seamlessly back and forth between the extranet site and the sales app. When the iPad is offline, the eCat sales app remains fully functional. We’re excited that our collaboration with FurnishWEB will take this capability to the next level, enabling manufacturers to provide both a fully developed sales information portal and the iPad sales app to their sales forces within one integrated application and with only a single data export.”

"We're very pleased to join with SuperCat to offer our current and future FurnishWEB customers eCat, a truly state-of-the-art iPad sales app,” says Barry Welch, CEO of Internet Databases. “The design of eCat is super. It is clean, simple to use, and displays photography beautifully on the iPad. We are also impressed with the depth of the SuperCat team’s technical expertise and its philosophy of keeping eCat’s purpose narrowly focused to preserve its simplicity and ease of use. This meshes well with our strategy for FurnishWEB."

SuperCat Solutions, LLC, develops and markets the iPad app, eCat, a sales presentation and order taking tool specifically designed to meet the needs of companies and sales representatives in the home furnishings and gift industries. eCat vividly displays product, reduces marketing costs, speeds product introductions, improves inventory turns, and enhances company operations and sales efficiency.  Find out more at www.supercatsolutions.com.

FurnishWEB is a dealer and sales rep portal for the home furnishings industry, featuring a comprehensive online order, inventory, shipping, and tracking system.  FurnishWEB enables manufacturers to share information with their retail and design customers, sales reps, and staff over a secure website. Find out more at www.furnishweb.com.

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