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Leggett & Platt Consumer Products Group To Introduce Mattress Encasement Product In Las Vegas

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After the January launch of its SilverShell™ antimicrobial mattress protector, Leggett & Platt® Consumer Products Group reported that it will expand its SilverShell™ product line to include a mattress encasement next month at the Las Vegas Market. In addition, a visit to the company’s showroom (B-1326) on Monday or Tuesday of Market could prove lucrative for buyers, they say. The company will offer each retail buyer the chance to win an iPad, a $100 casino chip and much more.

The Leggett & Platt® SilverShell™ Antimicrobial Mattress Encasement combines the innovative bacteria-inhibiting power of pure elemental silver with the proven stain-resistance and bed bug barrier performance of Leggett’s Invisicase™ products. An exclusive bedding application of the patented MicroSilver BG™ antimicrobial technology, the SilverShell™ mattress encasement inhibits 99.9 percent of bacteria on contact while completely covering the mattress to provide a clean and hypoallergenic sleeping environment – free of the bacteria, mold, mildew, dust mites and pet dander that cause fabric deterioration on a mattress.

The mattress encasement also features Easy Zip™, a zippered top that can be effortlessly removed for ease of cleaning. Even after 60 washes (the rough equivalent of five years of regular washing), the antimicrobial technology continues to work. The product includes a 10-year limited product and mattress warranty for stain protection. The Leggett & Platt® SilverShell™ Antimicrobial Mattress Encasement and Mattress Protector will be available to order at the Las Vegas Market.

“Leggett & Platt® is in a unique position to offer our customers a product that not only inhibits 99.9% of bacteria but also provides a proven barrier to bed bugs, dust mites and pet dander,” said Herman Tam, vice president of marketing for Leggett & Platt® Consumer Products Group, the company’s retail arm in the sleep industry. “Our customers raved about the addition of the SilverShell™ mattress protector to our home textiles product portfolio, and we’re certain they’ll be even more receptive to this benefit-rich product.”

As part of a showcase illustrating the advanced application of the MicroSilver BG™ antimicrobial technology in the Leggett & Platt® SilverShell™ Mattress Encasement, the company will host the Leggett & Platt® Plinko Game as visitors enter the Consumer Products Group showroom. Prizes available will include $100 casino chips (usable at any Caesar’s Entertainment casino in Las Vegas), $10 Starbucks gift cards, Leggett & Platt® home textiles products and a night at the movies for two. In addition, each participant will be entered into a drawing for an iPad 2.

The MicroSilver BG™ antimicrobial technology uses highly pure, natural elemental silver to inhibit germs and does not require any chemicals to function. The technology is used in many patented healthcare applications, such as root canal fillings, catheters, bone cement, wound care, and breast prosthesis for recovering breast cancer patients, as well as skin care, personal care, and other consumer applications.

About Leggett & Platt® Consumer Products Group: Leggett & Platt® Consumer Products Group, a division of global diversified manufacturer Leggett & Platt®, Incorporated, is the premier provider of bedding products and accessories to the retail community. Based in Whittier, California, Leggett & Platt® Consumer Products Group is committed to delivering innovative, high-performance products at an exceptional value and offers a complete range of bedding and sleep accessories under the Leggett & Platt® brand and Leggett & Platt® Fashion Bed™ brand. Our bedding products are available in retail furniture, department and bedding stores nationwide as well as through online retailers. For additional information, please visit www.lpcpg.com.

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