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Anatomic Global Introduces New Adjustable Sleep Program

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Anatomic Global said it was entering the adjustable sleep system market with adjustable bases that feature fashionable, color-matched upholstery, pre-programmed wireless remote controls, a smooth wall-glider track, dual massage and a lumbar support option.  The company has also devised a unique method for anchoring the mattress to the adjustable base and has added enhancements in the mattress foam layers to achieve a “Neutral Body Posture” position.

“The bed has become the place for checking email on a laptop, listening to music, watching TV and other activities besides sleeping.  Our adjustable bases meet these needs and fit into the lifestyle of today’s specialty bedding consumer,” said Anatomic Global CEO David Farley. “Adjustables are an important part of our line extension offering retailers and customers a full range of memory foam sleep products that conform to individual comfort wants and support needs.”

The mattresses also feature scored rigid base foam designed to work with adjustable bases and engineered foam layers within the mattress.  Anatomic Global has created a unique anchoring system that insures the mattresses conforms to the power base and stays in place in every position.

Anatomic Global’s adjustable bases will priced at $750.00 in queen.

Anatomic Global views their expansion into adjustable base market as another avenue for attracting the growing number of younger buyers of specialty mattresses as power bases become more popular among this demographic.

The new adjustable bases will be shown at Market along with Anatomic Global’s signature Comfort by Design brand, which will be offered with special allowances for the remainder of 2011 in collections of best-selling SKUs.   The popular EcoSeries, luxury PureSeven collection and a new value product line concept, the Shoreline Group, will also be featured.

Founded in 1989, Corona, California-based Anatomic Global is a fully integrated, EDI capable globally positioned distribution, logistics and fulfillment-company that today incorporates the brand development and marketing insight of bedding industry leaders to meet the needs of its customers.  Deeply rooted in the medical mattress industry, in 2008 the company applied its medical manufacturing expertise and launched its signature, exclusive EcoMemoryFoam™ extreme open-cell plant-based memory foam lines.  For more information, visit www.anatomicglobal.com

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