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Fabrictech International To Present Research On Mattress & Top Of Bed Health Dangers

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After months of in-depth secondary research by a marketing strategy company and a graduate student, Fabrictech International announced that it is making the complied facts and figures available to the mattress /bedding industry, showing the real statistical health and societal cost impacts of pollen, dust, mold, dust mites, bacteria and bedbugs. While the numbers are readily available to people looking to research and pull together the critical statistics on the significant growth of serious allergies and asthma, this organized industry presentation presents the stark realities and extent of these issues. It also places a real overall healthcare cost, dollar value and human cost to these illnesses in an easy-to-read, summary form.

“Our intent with this research compilation is to present the facts and figures to retailers and consumers so they can take positive steps to reduce the incidence of allergies and often, resultant asthma caused by conditions related to mattress and top-of-bed products,” stated company president and COO Jeff Bergman. “Knowledge is power,” says Bergman .  “Who in our industry would have really known that allergies are the fifth most chronic disease in America costing $7.9 billion?  Or that 20 million Americans have dust mite allergies? Or that allergic related asthma is the most common type of asthma? Or that 11 people die from asthma every day, which is 4,000 deaths each year, half of which are allergy related?”

On a related topic, Bergman notes that, “Bedbugs are a huge nuisance; they frankly are gross and obnoxious. Fabrictech International markets products that address the bedbug issue. Bedbugs are especially an enormous problem for the hospitality and travel industry. We do not discount the bedbug problem; however the research has uncovered that not one death has been directly attributed to bedbugs, and even human pathogens identified with bedbugs have not shown any statistic transference to humans.  Bedbugs are simply a small problem compared to the real costs for medical care, lost work days, lost school days, and even deaths due to the incidence of allergies and asthma,” says Bergman.

“Furniture and mattress/bedding retailers want to offer positive solutions to the health and wellness issues facing many consumers,” says Sean Bergman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “ Dealers do not want to sell based on fear or negativity, media hype, opinion or urban myth. By arming retailers with facts and a variety of products that offer real proven solutions to health and wellness issues, we actually help our retail customers and the consumer. We want to arm mattress and bedding retailers so they address the major issues in a positive manner adding to customer satisfaction and actually increasing sales and margins for dealers.”

The power point presentation will be presented  to senior executives at both the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) and the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) just prior to the Las Vegas market.

It will also be sent to the key trade journal, industry publications and websites at the time of the presentation.

The presentation will be offered to retailers attending the Las Vegas World Market Center at 4 PM on Tuesday, August 2nd. in Building B, 16th Floor, World Forum

For further information, go to:  www.Fabrictech.com


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