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Diakon Logistics Grows Its Business With Conn’s In The Southwest

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Charles Johnson, President of Diakon Logistics, one of the largest dedicated home delivery carriers in America, recently announced that Conn’s awarded Diakon Logistics three additional markets in the Southwest. Conn’s operates as a specialty retailer of home appliances, consumer electronics, home office equipment, lawn and garden products, mattresses, and furniture in the United States. It operates 75 retail and clearance stores  in southern Louisiana, southeast Texas, Houston, SouthTexas, San Antonio/Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Oklahoma. The company was founded in 1890 and is headquartered in Beaumont, Texas.

Working with Conn’s since the 1990s, Diakon Logistics has been providing a full range of dedicated home delivery services, including customer service, home delivery and assembly and installation of all furniture and appliances, in the Houston, Texas market and a full range of warehousing services and dedicated home delivery services in the Austin, Texas market. Adding to these existing markets, in Dallas and Beaumont, Texas, Diakon Logistics will be providing a full range of dedicated home delivery services and in Lafayette, Louisiana, Diakon Logistics will be providing a full range of warehousing and dedicated home delivery services.

"Our corporate strategy is based on one philosophy, ‘It’s Mrs. Jones’ Day’, a premise based on the principle that each delivery is done with the thought that it is the only delivery we are making that day…making it Mrs. Jones’ day,” says Charles Johnson. “Our retailer clients are recognizing the competitive advantage of our customer service approach and it is driving the continued growth of our Company. The difference is in the details and we will continue that focus in making our retailer clients even more successful.”

About Dikon: Founded in 1991 as Hays Home Delivery Services, today Diakon Logistics is one of the largest  dedicated home delivery carriers in America. Based in Manassas, Virginia, the Company serves many of the top 100 furniture, appliance, and electronics retailers in the United States. The Company’s modern fleet of over 300 vehicles typically displays the logos of our retailer clients, make more than
1.5 million deliveries to consumers annually. For more information, call Dino Green at 800-DIAKON1, or visit

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