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FurnitureCore.com Adds Sales Report Graphics to Make Management Easier

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FurnitureCore.com announced that it has added a new graphics section to its market share reports used by home furnishings manufacturers, importers and distributors. The reports  provide detailed information for each sales representative's territory.

Now, sales managers can access customized market share information 24-7, drill down to specific cities, view the report in percentages or dollars, and even email the report in a Word document to each sales rep.

“These reports translate a complicated spread sheet of numbers into a visual of gains and losses in market share,” says Bob George, managing partner of Impact Consulting which owns FurnitureCore.  “It’s convenient, reliable and affordable, but its most important function is that it is a highly effective management tool with the reps.

“The most basic question is, ‘How are we performing in the marketplace?’ For sales management, the question is, ‘How is each individual sales representative performing in each city of their territories?,’ he says. “Graphs communicate ongoing performance in an instant.”

In addition, if a manufacturer is focused on expanding into new markets, FurnitureCore identifies which companies are doing business and in what categories, so sales management and representatives alike can better plan and understand the marketplace. The result is greater productivity and accountability.

“A.R.T. Furniture is in the process of planning for significant growth over the next five years,” says Jeffrey Cook, CEO of A.R.T. and a FurnitureCore subscriber for nearly two years. “Central to this is an accurate benchmark of how we perform compared with the marketplace, both in our product categories as well as in individual markets. It’s also important to us to understand our customers so we can, in turn, help them with their decisions as an extension of our philosophy that we are even more valuable as strategic partners.  We can help them make decisions based on facts, not opinion.”

As a dynamic web portal to vital research designed expressly for the home furnishings industry, FurnitureCore provides comprehensive market intelligence by integrating dozens of databases with extensive, proprietary FurnitureCore research, creating information that is relevant to each client, and making it easy for retailers and manufacturers alike to apply it to their specific business model. 

“At A.R.T. Furniture, the significance of FurnitureCore is that the information helps us navigate through each market clearly,” says Cook. “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but they are not entitled to their own facts. FurnitureCore makes it easy and affordable to sort out the facts.”

 FurnitureCore.com was created by Impact Consulting Inc., in 2009 as a dynamic web application for the furniture industry. In a unique virtual environment, subscribers gain access to comprehensive data based on dozens of resources including primary FurnitureCore research, consumer research, economic indicators, productivity tools, industry trends and proprietary insights. As a sister company using the latest internet technology, FurnitureCore offers a data-only option from Impact Consulting, which has provided management and primary research to its home furnishings clients for more than 30 years. The ground-breaking technology of FurnitureCore.com, www.furniturecore.com, creates affordable research you can’t live without.

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