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Natuzzi Deploys Interactive Banner Ad Campaign To Engage Consumers

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Natuzzi Americas announced that it is heading into Pre-Market Week in High Point laser focused on, "leading the way in leveraging technology to build brand and drive traffic into stores," says Brad Cates, senior vice president, Natuzzi Americas.

The company was the first furniture manufacturer to partner with rich media specialist GET Interactive to leverage proprietary technology that can embed the equivalent of an entire website’s worth of content into a single interactive banner ad. Once a consumer rolls over the banner, the ad expands to showcase moving carousels of product, videos and more in an immersive, branded experience.

The interactive ad campaign is currently being featured on major shelter magazine websites like Elle Décor on both a national and regional basis.

“Rather than waiting for a consumer to visit our website to learn about our company’s offerings, this technology is enabling us to push the Natuzzi Italia, Natuzzi Editions and Italsofa brand stories out to the consumer wherever they choose to engage with us,” Cates relates. “It also allows us to do so in a very compelling way.”

So compelling, in fact, “the average time a consumer spends experiencing our brands via the banner ads is 66 seconds, and they often linger as long as two minutes or more since there is so much to see and do within the banner. These figures are astounding given thatthe advertising industry benchmark for time spent in an expanded banner is a mere 8 seconds. Consumers are also clicking an average of 5.2 percent within the expanded banner, when the industry benchmark is less than .03 percent.”

To view the Natuzzi Americas interactive banner campaign visit:


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