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SFC Announces First Three Silver Exemplary Retailers

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The Sustainable Furnishings Council reported that the first three companies have qualified for Retailer Silver Exemplary status as merchants who have demonstrated a significant, measurable commitment to sustainability in their business operations.
In August 2011, the SFC announced a revised Retailer Standard following months of intensive effort by a committee of members. The new standard was based on the template of the highly successful U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED model which recognizes levels of Silver, Gold and Platinum Exemplary performance based on points earned in a menu list of possible choices. Performance measures taken into account in the new SFC Exemplary Retailer Standard include wood sourcing, use of reclaimed materials, energy conservation, on-site recycling programs, training and education. It recognizes those companies who are already employing a variety of sustainable practices, giving consumers a sign of assurance. The inaugural class of retailers who qualify for Silver Exemplary status are Room & Board, Circle Furniture and NATeco.
Room & Board is a Minnesota-based retailer with 12 stores literally coast to coast with locations as far spread as San Francisco and Washington, DC. Specializing in contemporary design, they have long been champions of sustainability. They were an SFC Founding Member, source more than 85% of their products domestically, utilize skylights and motion-activated lights at distribution centers and are converting all stores to LED lighting.
Circle Furniture is a 5-store chain in the Boston area also specializing in contemporary. They were the first retailer in their area to institute a recycling program, 30% of their case goods have a low VOC, eco friendly finish, and 50% of their inventory is manufactured within a 500 mile radius.
NATeco is an online dealer of eco friendly furniture run by Tom Megna, a long time manufacturer and importer of sustainable goods. 20% of their products use certified wood, another 20% are GreenGuard certified and Tom himself earned his accreditation as a certified GREENleader.
Reflecting on the accomplishment, Steve Freeman, Vendor Resource Manager at Room & Board and Vice President of the SFC, said “Room & Board has a long standing philosophy to protect our world and our resources. We have always made the majority of our products from sustainably harvested woods and materials and we adopt new technology and materials/products/finishes when it proves to offer the level of quality and value our customers expect. We continually strive to buy from domestic US sources whenever it makes sense. Room & Board is thrilled to be a founding member of SFC and we continue to support its efforts. Room & Board is excited to be one of the first retailers to be recognized as Silver Exemplary and will continue our work to improve our contribution to sustainability.”
For information on standards, membership or certified training, please contact
admin@sustainablefurnishings.org or 919-967-1137.

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