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Weekly Furniture Management Tip # 17 - A Good Leader...

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by Roy Miller, President
Country View Woodworking


  1. learns the weakness and strengths of employees by observing and listening while tasks
    are being performed.
  2. evaluates performance based on objective analysis rather than personality preferences.
  3. measures individual performance in relation to the performance of the overall staff or team.
  4. analyzes how employees interact in approaching a problem of difficulty.
  5. encourages “individuals” to become “members of the group”.
  6. works to understand attitudes, feelings, personalities and habits.

These weekly “Monday Morning Management Tips” are jointly provided by both Country View Woodworking and Furniture World.


About Country View Woodworking: Stop, shop and save at Country View Woodworking IHFC Show Room, H-1121 during the October High Point Show.  Comments about these weekly tips can be directed to Roy Miller (Country View Woodworking  http://www.cvwltd.com) care of editor@furninfo.com.


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