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Weekly Furniture World Media Note #12 from Lance Hanish - Mobile First: Mobile Numbers Are Important... SMS Must Be A Priority For Business

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SMS (Short Message Service) is a topic garnering great attention. The e-tailing group’s white paper “Surviving the Current Marketing Mania with a Solid 2012 Plan” felt it was important to gather input in this emerging arena. Sentiments from both a larger survey and more focused interviews indicated that SMS is simply not a priority yet. With so many proven growth opportunities, most retailers seemed to take a “stay tuned” approach to SMS. Their research reported that just 21% of merchants are collecting phone numbers for future marketing text alerts.

The good news is those merchants who make up the 21% are way ahead of their competition. They are capturing phone numbers to grow their files. Others are capturing phone numbers during call center transactions. Some are capturing mobile phone numbers during online transactions. Others are capturing the mobile numbers during retail transactions. Some are getting the mobile numbers executing email marketing campaigns with SMS opt-in, while others attempt to capture the mobile numbers through traditional marketing or advertising with SMS opt-in objectives.

The point: it is very important for you to capture the mobile phone numbers of every person you come in contact with. Since 1998, we have been pressing our clients to do exactly that and for many we provided a short sheet for their sales people, check-out people, delivery people, telephone customer service people and executives to follow to gain this information. The buy-in for capturing the potential and current customers mobile numbers is essential and must come from the top down.

In an earlier Media Notes Canonical, we indicated that customers preferred they be contacted via text messaging. In this new DNAge, we have to understand that mobile IS THE WAY to reach your existing and prospective customers. Texting them via mobile is the preferred way of reaching them.
It is time retailers in their B2C communications adopt sms now. For manufacturers in their B2B plan, sms is key.

Mobile in short, is a tool for you to win with today.

Think MOBILEFirst.

Lance Hanish is Chairman/CEO and Chief of Imagination at Sophis1234 Data.Digital.Direct. He can be reached at Lance@Sophis1234.com; facebook: Sophis1234; twitter: @Sophis1234; linkedin: Lance Hanish; YouTube: LBC Advertising

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