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Pure LatexBLISS’ To IntroduceActivefusion™ Slow Response Talalay Latex Mattresses In Las Vegas

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Pairing two of the most popular trends in the bedding industry, latex and gel, Pure LatexBLISS™ will launch its “Climate Control ActiveFUSION™” slow response mattress collection at Las Vegas Furniture Market, Jan. 30 – Feb. 3, 2012.  ActiveFUSION utilizes phase change material in both the fabric yarns and inside the Talalay Latex, which stores and releases energy on demand, helping two partners sleep at their optimal body temperatures. The technology cools a warm sleeper and warms a cool sleeper in the same bed.

“This collection is designed to appeal to a variety of consumer issues and needs,” said Pure LatexBLISS Co-Founder and CEO Kurt Ling. “ActiveFUSION technology makes sleeping more comfortable for warm or cold sleepers, providing a happy medium for them and their sleeping partners .  Retailers are looking for innovative new products that give gel entries a point of differentiation – and reason for existence. Incorporating gel into the ticking places it closer to the sleeper’s body optimizing the cooling and comfort benefits which provides consumers with a good night’s sleep.”

One of the collection’s most unique feature is the gel’s location.  While most gel mattresses contain gel only in the lower layers, ActiveFUSION mattresses use Climate Control Technology not only inside, but are the first in the industry to use gel on top. Pure LatexBLISS infuse gel into the zippered cover’s ticking – ensuring a temperature controlled sleep. Incorporating gel into the ticking places it closer to the sleeper’s body, optimizing the cooling or warming benefits.

The Climate Control collection is made exclusively from Natural Talalay Latex with ActiveFUSION Technology and features a Bekaert Gel Fabric cover, made with gel infused yarn. 
Retail pricing for the Climate Control ActiveFUSION collection ranges from $1499 to $3299  in queen. To learn more about the collection, visit the Pure LatexBLISS showroom at B945.

About Pure LatexBLISS™: Atlanta-based Pure LatexBLISS is one of the fastest growing luxury mattress brands in the world, manufacturing and marketing ultra premium mattresses made with the finest components available and delivering unprecedented value. When founded, Pure LatexBLISS used contract manufacturers and logistics partners. The team was made up of four people, all friends who had worked together at Simmons. Recently, the company expanded from one fabrication site and warehouse in Atlanta, to four sites with regional distribution centers in the United Kingdom, France, Phoenix, Miami, Atlanta, Texas and Portland (OR). For more information, please visit www.latexbliss.com.


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