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Weekly Furniture World Media Note #16 from Lance Hanish-Mobile First: Formulate An Integrated Marketing Plan

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It sounds so simple. Of course, everyone does it. But in reality, few do. Integrated marketing means pulling all of the pieces together, legacy media as well as new media (digital & mobile). It’s easier said than done.

Once you budget and plan for the coming year, your plan will probably look like an old legacy media plan, including newspaper, television, magazine and a small portion for digital (probably email only). Few will add mobile for 2013. It’s just too new.

That’s mistake #1, #2, #3 & #4.

Your plan should start with mobile. It’s called “MobileFirst”.

Why? It targets people NOW, not later or after they run into your message on another medium. Other than mobile, all the rest are passive media, meaning your customers have to run into your message before they can take action. That is IF they find it.

With mobile, you are pro-active. It is a pro-active medium. You can interact with your prospective customer NOW. Why wouldn’t you start with something that can happen now? Why would you wait and run it up the flagpole to find out which way the wind is blowing when you don’t have to worry about weather at all?

Keeping track of email campaigns, drip campaigns, traditional media outreach and coverage, content to bloggers, tradeshows, SEO marketing, social media campaigns, mobile campaigns and more calls for a lot of juggling–not to mention funneling, segmenting and filtering the leads you’ll generate through all these activities, calls for a lot of work.

Is the reason you are not applying all of these mediums to your plan because of that? That’s your job!

Mobile in short, is a tool for you to win with today.

Think MOBILEFirst.

Lance Hanish is Chairman/CEO and Chief of Imagination at Sophis1234 Data.Digital.Direct. He can be reached at Lance@Sophis1234.com; facebook: Sophis1234; twitter: @Sophis1234; linkedin: Lance Hanish; YouTube: LBC Advertising

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