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Divine Details “Lebanon’s First International Furniture Competition’’

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“Divine Details” is a contest where students, within their graduation year, designed and produced a full scale furniture article. The aim of the project was to bridge the gap between the scholastic years of students and the future work place. This competition was sponsored by Michelangelo Designs, New Jersey. American students were encouraged by Michelangelo Designs to participate in such an international event in the Middle East; under the direction of Professor Len Wujcik (University of Kentucky, USA) who went to Lebanon especially for this competition. Their projects were shipped from the USA to Lebanon a couple of weeks prior to the event. Students also participated from Italy and Lebanon. The conference was attended by the participating students, the academic professors and the jury members. All projects were exhibited at the new Farra Design Center in Mkalles from Oct 29th - Nov 28th. The jury members are: Ronald Farra (Lebanon) Emmanuel Guiragossian (Lebanon) Rita Faddoul (Lebanon) - Martin Giesen (American University of Sharjah, (UAE) Jean Moraros (Dubai) Alberto Venier (Italy) Franco Venier (Italy) Karen Cherkerdjian (Jordan) Len Wujcik (University of Kentucky, (USA) The winning students are: Ghida El Zein (Motion shelving system) 1st Prize Lebanon ($3,500) Ibrahim Melki (Light Table) 2nd Prize Lebanon ($1,500) Thomas Ramirez (Skin: core: pliability) 2nd Prize USA ($1,500) Andrew McChord (Barstool) 3rd Prize USA ($1,000) Honorary Prizes were awarded as well simultaneously for : Best Concept - Best Design - Best Execution - Best Material Use -Best Project Presentation - Best Usability. A second DIVINE DETAILS is on its way in USA and will be organized by professor Len Wujcik who will lead the American group. For more information please contact: Fred Farra at Michelangelo Designs (973) 779 3200 or email: idp4angelo@optonline.net

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