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Special Container Humidity Absorber Helps Prevent Furniture Damage During Transport

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Furniture manufacturers can help keep their products comfortable during shipping with Container Dri II, a special humidity absorber from Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging. Whether they’re shipped across the country or across the world, furniture products run the risk of moisture damage. Wood, for instance, is extremely hygroscopic and will continue to absorb moisture until it reaches equilibrium with its surrounding environment. In such cases, exposure to high humidity levels can cause swelling, ruining the wood or making it difficult to use. However, the biggest threat to wood’s integrity is not humidity but condensation, which can drip onto the wood during shipping, causing not just swelling, but warping, mold, bubbling and other forms of moisture damage that cannot be reversed through re-drying of the wood itself. Unfortunately, wood is not the only furniture component susceptible to moisture damage. When exposed to moisture for prolonged periods, upholstery will suffer mold and mildew damage, metal parts will start to rust, and laminate will deteriorate. While it might be tempting to rely on packaging materials, such as cardboard, to protect products from moisture damage, in some cases the quality is so poor that it actually increases the risk by attracting the unwanted moisture to the furniture. Süd-Chemie’s Container Dri® II helps protect all types of furniture components from moisture during shipping. Through a special formula, Container Dri II removes moisture from the air inside the shipping container, thereby decreasing dew point temperature, or the temperature at which condensation begins to form, causing “container rain.” By eliminating the risk of condensation, Container Dri II ensures that products will arrive to their destinations safe and dry, without the risk of becoming dried out themselves. Container Dri II provides peace of mind by protecting goods for up to 90 days - enough time for the shipment to reach its destination, even if it encounters unexpected delays along the way. The only bagged container desiccant on the market available with an adhesive backing, Container Dri II can be easily adhered to container walls. It can absorb nearly 300 percent of its weight in moisture, trapping it as a no-spill gel. Container Dri II has the ability to protect shipments from start to finish, through all temperature changes and relative humidity variances. It is made from completely safe, non-toxic materials and can be disposed of as regular waste. Süd-Chemie also offers an entire line of products designed to protect products from moisture during both shipping and storage. Desi Pak® desiccant bags are ideal for preventing rust, mold and other moisture damage in individual sealed packages, while Humitector® Maximum Humidity Indicator Cards help shippers determine the maximum humidity level to which their cargo has been exposed. For more information on Süd-Chemie’s entire line of solutions for furniture industry, visit www.s-cpp.com. Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging is a global manufacturer of active, smart and protective packaging solutions, including desiccants, packaged absorbents, absorbent polymers, humidity indicators and customized protective packaging solutions. The company has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as a worldwide network of sales offices and distributors. Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging provides packaging solutions to pharmaceutical, diagnostic, nutraceutical, electronic, food, agriculture, chemical, automotive and many other industries. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified and is a member of Süd-Chemie Group, a global organization with more than 60 manufacturing and marketing companies worldwide.

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