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New Logistics Company To Focus On Delivery And Full Service Handling Of Furniture, Appliances And Large Household Goods

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A new full service delivery company, Mainstreet Delivery, has been formed to handle large household products that typically require specialized handling and on-site setup. Mainstreet Delivery will deliver to home and business end-users as well the retail, distributor, and dealer sales channels. The customer base will include manufacturers, retailers, and print and electronic catalogers of furniture, appliances, electronic equipment, lawn and garden products and other large items. Such products are either too big to be delivered through conventional methods such as UPS or FedEx, or require service beyond the realm of standard LTL carriers. Mainstreet President and CEO Maury Mussa has served in prominent positions with major logistics, transportation and home delivery organizations for over 25 years, and has recruited a management team of industry veterans. “Our goal is to become the premiere provider in the full service delivery market,” said Mussa. “It’s a niche that is in need of a lead player and we have the plan in place to serve that role.” Mussa and staff have assembled a national network of leading service providers with coverage through out the United States, Puerto Rico and select Canadian markets. These providers are well respected in the industry and have considerable passion and expertise for the handling, delivery and installation of larger, high end products. Mainstreet Delivery will provide competitive advantages to its clients by offering: -Single-source national coverage -Home and B2B service -Reduced cycle times from order to delivery -In transit handling and storage -Inventory management -Order management -Centralized customer service -Experienced on-site set-up and installation -Reduced damage in route -National reverse logistics -“World Class” technology “Having an outstanding delivery network is part of the equation,” said Mussa. “We’ll be coordinating orders with the best software technology in the industry.” Mainstreet management will utilize a custom designed ‘order management software’ that will enable delivery of customer orders safely, on time, and if necessary, fully installed and operational. The software will be unique in that it will monitor all items on an order rather than each item separately as is typically the case. The system will be web based allowing visibility to the client customer, the service provider, the receiving customer and Mainstreet Delivery personnel. Mainstreet Delivery Vice President, Brian Childs has spent 10 years in various leadership roles with regional and national 3rd Party Logistics Service Providers. “Small to medium size regional warehousing, transportation, and delivery providers bring flexibility, commitment, and a personal touch that large organizations struggle with,” said Childs. “Our role is to pull these great people together and provide a seamless ‘One Stop Shopping Experience’ to the client leveraging our Centralized Customer Service Team and dynamic software solution” As sales channels continue to evolve and the competitive environment intensifies, large durable product manufacturers, brick and mortar retailers, and print and electronic catalogers all require a means to get their products safely delivered to their destination. Currently the delivery options for larger, high end products are limited. Mainstreet Delivery will offer a more service sensitive solution for this need.

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