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Medya Tiffany Lighting Designer's Truck Falls Through Ice In Lake

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Just like the famous chandelier design in the firm's popular Old Forge Collection, Meyda Tiffany Designer Antonio Santucci avoided tragedy recently by making an icy "Catch of the Day" last week, in late February, according to Meyda Tiffany President Robert Cohen. "Catch-of-the-Day" is also the name of a spectacular custom crafted chandelier in the Old Forge Collection, a leading line of rustic and Lodge custom crafted lighting and decor created by Meyda Tiffany, the nation's leading manufacturer and designer of Tiffany lamps and decorative lighting, and its Mr. Santucci, a lighting designer who oversees Meyda Tiffany's Old Forge Division, was enjoying a day of ice fishing with a friend (Dr. Douglas Nuccio). The day nearly ended in tragedy as their ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) fell through a weak spot on the frozen surface of Oneida Lake in upstate New York, on Sunday evening, February 27th. Mr. Santucci and his comrade were driving off of the lake at about 7 P.M. when they broke through a weak spot in the ice. Mr. Nuccio was driving in the front seat of the four-wheeler while Mr. Santucci was seated in the back, as they towed their two ice huts (small structures used to come out of the cold while ice fishing) to shore. The men were traveling along a highly used snowmobile trail on the lake that ran from east to west and were about 600 yards from the Vienna/Cleveland (NY) side of the lake when the accident occurred. When the four-wheeler broke through the ice it became totally submerged in the open water along with the men's two ice huts. The accident occurred in water that was about 16 feet deep. Working together, the friends managed to crawl out of the freezing water and back onto solid ice. "After riding for 10 minutes we suddenly came to a very abrupt stop and I was listing at a 45 degree angle, which increased to 90 degrees rapidly," explained Mr. Santucci. "Water was up to my chest as I was still sitting on the seat, then I started to do a back float because the ATV was sinking fast. I was trapped between the two ice huts, as the hole was getting bigger, about eight to 10 feet in diameter. I broke free of the huts just in time to hear water rushing in them, and when they were filled with water-- it was like watching a scene from 'The Titanic' as the ATV's lights shined while it plunged into the darkness of the bottom of the lake. "I rolled over and made my way to the edge of the water hole, trying to lift myself out as the edge of the thin ice broke away again, and again, until it was thick enough to support me," continued Mr. Santucci. "I saw my friend for the first time (he managed to climb off the front and leap to the edge of the ice), who was lying on his stomach with hands stretched out towards me. I grabbed his hands and got a leg up on firm ice. That felt great! "I had to keep moving as it was only 10 degrees and my clothes started to stiffen," continued Mr. Santucci. "My friend dialed 911 and stayed by the hole to prevent others from falling through the ice, as I started the 2.5 mile hike back to camp. Rescue vehicles never did rescue me, but one friend picked me up a few hundred yards from camp. When I finally reached camp I was greeted by EMTs, the Sheriff and snowmobile rescue workers who were waiting for me!" Although Mr. Santucci and his friend didn't catch any fish that day, they had fun trying-- until the point where they fell through the ice and lost the ATV. Although cold and wet, both men survived the ordeal with no injuries. It was later discovered that the weak spot in the ice where the ATV broke through was a methane gas hole, a natural phenomenon that is caused from decay on the bottom of lakes. Most of Oneida Lake is frozen and has up to two feet of frozen ice during this time of year. However, natural springs and gas pockets are also common in these types of lakes where the ice is very thin. "Our Design Team often looks to Mother Nature for inspiration," explains Meyda Tiffany President Robert Cohen. "The Ice Fishing incident truly sums up our designers' determination to put their lives on the line to get their creative juices flowing to bring our customers the finest and most natural-looking lighting and home accents on the market today. "Our designers have become renowned for their magnificent natural looks in lighting and home accents," continued Mr. Cohen, "Especially in our Old Forge Lighting Collection, The Craftsman Signature Series of Outdoor, Indoor and Landscaping Lanterns, as well as our primary lines-- stained glass lamps, ceiling fixtures, wall sconces and windows. It is not uncommon for our designers to take field trips and host think tanks and brainstorming sessions while hiking on mountains, walking through forests, fishing, hunting, and getting in-tune with nature as they look for new design ideas." Pictured is the ever-popular Old Forge Catch-of-the-Day chandelier, an eyecatching and extraordinary lighting design noted for its mica shade, steel fish motif, and fish hook chains. The chandelier, which is crafted in upstate New York by Meyda Tiffany artisans, ranges in sizes from 22 inches tall with a 16-inch width, up to 66 inches in height with a 72-inch width. Custom designs are available as well. About the Old Forge Collection Handcrafted in the foothills of New York's Adirondack Mountains (in the USA), the Old Forge Collection features original designs inspired by the call of the wild and the great wonders of nature. Solid steel is forged with meticulous attention to detail by Meyda artisans into spectacular lighting and decorative accessories for both residential and commercial applications. All designs are original-- created by the Meyda Design Team. About Meyda Tiffany Meyda Tiffany is the nation's leading manufacturer and designer of Tiffany lamps and decorative lighting. Although founded in 1974, the firm's roots actually date back to the early 1900s, supplying the Master Louis Comfort Tiffany and his Tiffany Studios with lighting products, and creating the original Coca-Cola stained glass lamps and chandeliers. Meyda Tiffany offers thousands of in-stock stained glass lighting and decor designs, with more than 50,000 customizable lighting options. Its vast line includes: Old Forge Collection of Rustic and Lodge styled lighting/decor, Craftsman Signature Series of Outdoor/Indoor Lighting (including new Landscape lanterns) featuring Arts & Crafts designs, Stained Glass Lighting featuring Victorian, Nouveau and a broad range of styles, Art Glass Windows and Fireplace Screens, Tiffany Gifts and Home Accents, Comfort Lighting Fashion Collection, and The Metro Line of contemporary art glass, fused glass and ADA compliant designs. In addition, Meyda Tiffany offers Extensive Custom Capabilities to create the custom lamp, fixture, window or accessory of your dreams. Meyda Tiffany is headquartered at One Meyda Fine Place, 55 Oriskany Boulevard, Yorkville, NY 13495. For more information, contact Meyda Tiffany Toll-Free at (800) 222-4009. Website:www.Meyda.com Email:info@Meyda.com.

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