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New Product Helps Consumers Make The Right Color Decision In Retail Furniture Stores

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Color Savvy, one of the nation's leading companies in color technology, has created a new product - the Color-Helper - that takes the guesswork out of picking colors. "We've all struggled trying to find a matching shade of paint or deciding if one color goes with another. Not if you have a Color-Helper", says Color Savvy CEO Gary Bodnar. "The Color-Helper eliminates all of the guesswork", he adds, "but most important is the confidence it gives you that the colors you're picking will work just the way you want them to". When making a decision about a color in their home, most people ask one of two questions: how well does it match another color in the room or how well will it go with another color in the room? The Color-Helper answers both questions for any pair of colors. Your customers simply "click-in" a first color, then a second color, and the results automatically appear on the large, easy-to-read display. They can click-in a color at home, and then take the Color-Helper to the store to click in the colors of items you are thinking about buying. Do they really match? Will they really look good together? The Color-Helper tells them for sure. Anyone searching for a matching paint color will especially like the Color-Helper's paint look-up feature that gives you the three closest paint colors for any clicked-in color. It's like having a sample of every paint color in the palm of your hand. The Color-Helper is ideal for professionals and individuals alike. With the Color-Helper, furniture store associates, interior designers and building contractors can assist their clients in identifying good colors for the job. For individuals and do-it-yourselfers who are trying to pick colors for home improvement or redecorating projects, the Color-Helper will eliminate the guess work and worry, and make the task easier and more fun. The Color-Helper can be ordered through the Color Savvy web site at http://www.colorsavvy.com. Stores interested in purchsing this item for resale or for staff members can contact Gary Bodnar with Color Savvy Systems at gbodnar@colorsavvy.com. Established in 1991, Color Savvy provides hardware and software that helps people pick colors. Color Savvy has long been known for its ColorMouseTM line of electronic instruments that measure and quantify printed color. The company is also known for designing proprietary color tools for Hewlett-Packard, Nikon, Mitsubishi, Procter & Gamble, and Estee Lauder.