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Just Buy Online Ltd Launches A New UK Based Online Mattress & Bedding Shop

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Just Buy Online ltd, online retailer of Aquariums, Natural Health and Nutritional Products and Outdoor Activities Equipment, is now branching out to create our fourth online shop. After successful bedding sales on our first site, JustNaturalStuff.co.uk, we have decided to create a new shop for one of our most popular products; our innovative ranges of foam and latex mattresses. Buy-A-Mattress.co.uk is dedicated to providing only the best in Orthopaedic Foam, Visco Elastic Memory Foam and Latex mattresses at affordable prices. We specialise in these ranges because we believe that a good night’s sleep is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are many benefits to foam and/or latex mattresses, which are explored in detail on the site. Briefly, here are a few: Noise reduction – None of our mattresses have springs, and they are silent even after many years. Pressure relief – The Visco memory and latex mattresses are ideal for those who have to spend a great deal of time in bed, moulding to the natural contour of your body to relieve pressure on joints and hips and relieving pain caused by fibromyalgia, arthritis and back problems. Allergy relief – Most of our mattresses are dust-mite resistant, dust mites being a primary cause of allergies in the home. Faster Delivery – Most of our mattresses come vacuum-packed and rolled, so we can keep a higher level of stock, meaning that a typical delivery time is 2-5 working days. "Consider this; 35% of our lifetime is spent sleeping" Based on an average of 8 hours a night over 80 years, we spend 27 years in our beds! In 15 years, people buy on average 50 pairs of shoes, and studies show you spend approximately the same time in your shoes as in your beds. You do the maths! Most of our mattresses come with a 15-year warranty, so no more worrying. Check out our new range of quality mattresses now. You could be sleeping a lot better in just a couple of days from now. Just buy your orthopaedic mattress online at Buy-A-Mattress.co.uk.

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