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Longlite LLC Announces that Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL) Tests Confirm the Energy Savings Of Light Bulb Extending Micro Processer

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Longlite LLC announced that tests performed by the Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL) confirm that the company's QL-3 micro processor extends the life of a common light bulb by 300%,while reducing users' bulb repurchase and associated labor costs by two thirds and reduces related energy costs by 10%. Longlite LLC, a pioneer in the design and manufacture of practical cost saving lighting solutions brought its QL-3 product to market just over a year ago. Longlite LLC customers include some of the best recognized names in the hotel, restaurant, furniture and casino industries. Some of America's top companies including Hilton Hotels, Lowe's, Mandalay Bay and Outback are realizing significant bottom line savings from Longlite's QL-3 product., " The ease of use ,significant ROI and quality of lighting turns first time customers into product ambassadors. We're very excited about our growing success", said Jeff Drubner, President & Founder of Longlite LLC. Longlite's customers also include big names in the retail industry including Loews Home Improvement Stores, Publix Supermarkets and Rotmans Furniture Stores. Peter B. Cole, Director of Business Planning for Rotmans's Furniture told Longlite in a letter "When you first approached us last year I was skeptical that your product could deliver everything that you said it could. We installed new bulbs with theLonglite in a test area. None of the bulbs with the QL3 have been replaced.The bulbs last three times longer with ten percent reduced energy - all with no apparent loss in brightness or color. Add in labor savings due to fewer bulb changes and the savings are significant - approximately thirty thousand dollars a year in this one location. Thanks for showing us a product that does everything you and the sales literature promised it would do."

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