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Premier Issue of Magazine For Rent To Own Industry, RTO Magazine

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The premier issue of RTO MAGAZINE, the trade magazine for rent to own professionals, begins arriving at rent to own stores and home offices across the United States this week. "The months of preparation and hard work by our contributors has resulted in a new standard for RTO trade publications," said Roy Griffaw, founder and president of RTO Online, Inc., publisher of RTO MAGAZINE. Like RTO Online, the bi-monthly RTO MAGAZINE is packed with useful, informative, educational, and entertaining content written by RTO pros, for RTO pros. RTO Online.com has earned the reputation as the publication-of-record for the rental-purchase trade. RTO MAGAZINE will expand that tradition in print Roy Griffaw, President, CEO and founder of RTO Online, Inc. RTO MAGAZINE is made possible by the following vendors. Each has made a long-term commitment to serving the unique needs of rental purchase companies: ColorTyme, Ideal Software Systems, Imagery Marketing, M&B Jewelry, Lynnray Financial Corporation, HossPower, FamilyTel, Truckskin, Sandberg Furniture, RTO Pro Software, SED International, Bryce Co., Twinhead, dpi Teleconnect, Premier Rental Purchase, Inform Business Systems, RentSmart by Nationwide, and more. Over 9,000 issues will be mailed to RTO locations and home offices beginning the week of May 2nd, 2005. Total subscriptions are on track to reach 13,000 by the end of 2005. *RTO Magazine is free for anyone directly involved in rental purchase trade (consumer goods). $99 per year (6 issues) for all others. Inside the first issue: -Rent to Own; A Game Of Risk Management by Bud Holladay -10 Questions For Rent Way Founder and Outgoing CEO Bill Morgenstern -Just a Little Respect; Effective Strategies For Writing More Agreements by Pam Leach -Using Criminal Courts When Agreements Go Bad by Woody Webb -Front Lines; The Fight for Federal RTO Legislation by Ron Waters -Full Circle; Staying Motivated by Jay Roberts -Dear Sunshine: Answer to Those Who Say "Women Can't Deliver" by Mamie Salazar-Harper -Choosing an Accountant by John Day -Calculating RTO Customer Lifetime Value by Roy Griffaw -Complete Vendor Address Book More information on RTO Magazine can be found at www.rtoonline.com.