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Technical Transportation, Inc. Introduces White Glove Delivery & Minor Repair Service Package

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Coordinating home deliveries internally presents an overwhelming task for furniture manufacturers and dealers managing logistics requirements in today’s marketplace. Technical Transportation, Inc. (TechTrans) now offers a revolutionary home furniture delivery service that includes the ability to repair cosmetic damage to goods before delivery. “We have streamlined the process from scheduling to pick-up to delivery by offering services not available through typical third party delivery carriers,” says Len Batcha, president of TechTrans. “These benefits allow our customers to focus on their core business specialties while we take care of their home furniture delivery needs.” Among the specialized services offered by TechTrans are furniture repair and “white-glove” handling of the goods. If an initial inspection reveals cosmetic damage, the technicians are trained and equipped to make repairs before arriving at the customer’s home, saving the inconvenience of returning the item for repair work to be completed at a later time. White-glove handling literally ensures a clean delivery, as TechTrans personnel wear gloves in addition to booties over their shoes to ensure dirt and other debris are not brought into the customer’s home. Upon receiving an order, TechTrans contacts the customer directly to schedule a delivery appointment and gather essential data to ensure the delivery proceeds smoothly. Appropriate personnel and equipment are dispatched depending on the customer’s unique home configuration, including stairs or other obstacles. From the beginning of the transaction, TechTrans’ technicians handle the shipment with the utmost professionalism. Upon picking up the unit(s), the technicians immediately inspect the packaging for any external damage, unpack the item to examine it for cosmetic defects and then return it to the original packaging. Digital photos are taken of each item and stored to disk to ensure satisfactory condition and if the item does not pass inspection, the manufacturer or dealer is notified immediately. Delivery personnel, wearing gloves and booties, arrive at the customer’s home and deliver the unit to the customer’s room of choice using specialized equipment, if required per the customer’s request, such as a lift gate, crane or stair crawler. TechTrans’ agents will also unpack and assemble the item on site in the customer’s home if necessary. Once the delivery has been completed, a checklist is reviewed with the customer to ensure the delivery met their needs and expectations. TechTrans has developed this program to ensure products arrive at customer’s home as scheduled, in good condition and more importantly, to the customer’s satisfaction. By offering services above and beyond those provided by typical delivery carriers, TechTrans can help you take your business farther. Established in 1990, TechTrans offers industry-specific logistics and transportation solutions. Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, TechTrans has a nationwide network of more than 1500 agents and carriers whose expertise is delivering furniture to homes across the country. E-commerce is an essential part of TechTrans’ business, with secure order entry and tracking as well as POD reports readily available through their secure website, www.techtrans.com. Additional details about their range of services are also available on the website or by calling 1-800-852-8726.