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Jasper Cabinet Reopens. Robert Cribbs, President

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In the tradition of the resilient American spirit, Jasper Cabinet re-opened for business in May of 2005, ready to serve consumers looking for furnishings that reflect their own individuality.Jasper Cabinet’s rebirth is due to the dedication and commitment of a group of American investors that include leaders from the furniture industry. Jasper Cabinet gained popularity over the last 100 years due to their quality craftsmanship, superior design and exquisite hand-painted quality accent furniture. Instead of moving overseas, as is the trend in manufacturing, Jasper Cabinet has opened its headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan with furniture production in Southern Indiana. The manufacturing facility employs former product engineers and some of the original artisans. “I am very excited about bringing back Jasper Cabinet. We can give the dealers and their customers an option-rich domestic company to produce the furniture they want that will give them a distinctive look,” said Robert Cribbs, President of Jasper Cabinet. “In addition to our unique line of quality pieces, we are also very pleased with our team of experienced sales representatives who are meeting with furniture dealers across the country and look forward to adding new representatives every day,” added Cribbs. Starting in May 2005, Jasper Cabinet introduced twenty items to their catalog offering transitional, neoclassic and contemporary styles. A highlight of the furniture line includes the Classic Wine Armoire - a work of art in its own right. This quality item features hand-painted Van Gogh artwork and a fully functional wine bar complete with wine chiller, wine rack, glasses and lighting. Another popular favorite that is returning is the Chantal Pop-Up Cellarette With Beverage Glasses. Size and design make this item a bestseller due to its functionality as an entertainment focal point and ability to blend and compliment any size room. As with the Classic Wine Armoire, the Cellarette also features a wine rack, glasses and an extraordinary design patent for the pop-up beverage holder. In addition to the twenty items, Jasper Cabinet will be bringing back and improving the quality of their imported program previously called P.O.S.H. This line offers decorative inlays and reflects the company’s commitment to skilled workmanship. Consumers will be pleased to select from many of the original hand-painted designs while also enjoying the option of custom laser engraving. The engraving feature is new to Jasper Cabinet and promises to add elegance to their already exquisite line. Visit the Jasper Cabinet website www.jaspercabinet.com or contact by email at custserv@jaspercabinet.com for more information.

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