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studiorowe® Arrives at Sandcastle Designs

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Rowe Furniture announced that Sandcastle Designs in Northern Florida is the latest home furnishings retailer to introduce a studiorowe gallery® in two store locations, Destin and Panama City Beach. Sandcastle Designs has dedicated 5,000 square feet within their 20,000 sq.ft. Destin store location and 3,500 square feet within their 10,000 sq. ft. Panama City Beach store location to showcase Rowe Furniture in a lifestyle store-within-a-store setting. Customers are able to browse a comprehensive selection of over 600 fabrics to facilitate their special order of upholstered furniture. In addition, customers interact with Rowe’s PreVue® computer system which quickly illustrates any Rowe Furniture sofa, chair, sectional or ottoman in any selection of fabric. PreVue is an integral part of the shopping experience taking the “guess work” out of custom orders and reassuring homeowners of the look of their new sofa. Most importantly, Rowe is able to deliver custom orders quickly, with upholstered furniture ready for delivery in about thirty days. Rowe is able to offer this superior service because it continues to manufacture in the continental U.S. with factories in Virginia and Missouri and is dedicated to efficient and quality production. Sandcastle Designs was established in 1982 and remains a family-owned and operated company with a free design service and complete home furnishings center. Sandcastle Designs became a Rowe Furniture retail partner in 1997 and is now home to the ninety-seventh (Destin) and ninety-eighth (Panama City Beach) studiorowe to be installed since the retail program was created by Rowe in 2003.