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Thomasville Makes Donation To Help Save Ernest Hemmingway's House In Cuba

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The National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Hemingway Preservation Foundation announced a gift of $20,000 from Thomasville Furniture Industries, Inc., maker of the Ernest Hemingway Collection ®, to support the work of the National Trust and the Hemingway Preservation Foundation to save Finca Vigía, Hemingway’s home in San Francisco de Paula, Cuba. The grant, secured by the National Trust’s Save America’s Treasures program, will be used to underwrite the costs of a team of architects and engineers to travel to Cuba to carry out a feasibility study of Hemingway’s hillside home to determine long-term solutions for its restoration.   “Private support from generous contributors like Thomasville Furniture is essential to the preservation of historic treasures like Finca Vigía. We thank Thomasville for helping us take an initial step in the restoration of Finca Vigía,” said Richard Moe, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. “As the home of one of the world’s most celebrated authors, Finca Vigía is part of America’s and Cuba’s shared cultural heritage. It should be saved for future generations of Americans and Cubans alike.”   Earlier this year, the National Trust put Finca Vigía on its annual list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places – the first time a site outside the United States has been listed. Built in 1886 on a hillside near Havana, Finca Vigía ("Lookout Farm") was Ernest Hemingway’s home from 1939 to 1960, the period when he wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Old Man and the Sea and the posthumously-published A Moveable Feast and Islands in the Stream. The house has long chronicled Hemingway’s life. Yet, despite the best efforts of a dedicated museum staff, structural problems and damage from the elements have caused the site to deteriorate so severely that experts now call it a “preservation emergency.” To save this cultural landmark, preservation experts first need to undertake a feasibility study to determine the nature and extent of the damage and what will be required to stabilize the site. The Thomasville grant will be used to underwrite this important work.   As one of the most recognized writers in American literary history, Hemingway’s adventures and travels around the world have inspired a line of home furnishings from Thomasville. “The Ernest Hemingway Collection is one of the most successful collections in the 101-year history of Thomasville and in the entire furniture industry,” said Tom Tilley, president and CEO of Thomasville. “Ernest Hemingway's life and works inspired us to create a beautiful, tremendously successful collection of furniture and we are pleased to help preserve such an important piece of the author's adventurous life for future generations to appreciate.”   For more information about Finca Vigía and other 11 Most Endangered Historic Places, please visit www.nationaltrust.org.  For more information about Thomasville, please visit www.thomasville.com.   The National Trust for Historic Preservation is a private, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to saving historic places and revitalizing America's communities. Recipient of the National Humanities Medal, the Trust was founded in 1949 and provides leadership, education, advocacy, and resources to protect the irreplaceable places that tell America’s story. Staff at the Washington, D.C. headquarters, six regional offices and 26 historic sites work with the Trust’s 270,000 members and thousands of preservation groups in all 50 states. For more information, visit the Trust’s web site at www.nationaltrust.org.   Established in 1998, Save America’s Treasures at the National Trust for Historic Preservation celebrates American creativity, innovation, and discovery by recognizing and supporting projects that convey our nation’s rich heritage to future generations. To date, Save America’s Treasures has designated over 1,200 Official Projects around the country, generating over $55 million in private support for hundreds of preservation projects across the country.   Thomasville is recognized worldwide as an industry leader in distinctive product styling and superb craftsmanship.  With more than 150 retail stores in its growing network, Thomasville is dedicated to ensuring a truly great retail store experience where inspiring product exceeds the consumer’s needs. Thomasville is a subsidiary of Furniture Brands International (NYSE:FBN).  For more information about Thomasville, please call 1-800-225-0265 or visit www.thomasville.com.  

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