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FurnitureFind.com Becomes the Furniture Partner for Quixtar; Introduces New Designer's Corner

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FurnitureFind.com recently announced a new relationship as the furniture partner store for Quixtar. Quixtar.com, an online retailer of health and beauty products offers a wide range of other products through their Partner Stores Program. FurnitureFind.com now joins the more than 100 stores like Avis, Barnes and Noble, Disney Direct, MCI and Omaha Steaks in Quixtar's Partner Stores Program. "We are delighted that we've been chosen by Quixtar, whose rise to the top of internet retail sales has been meteoric," stated Ken Kwit, president of FurnitureFind.com. "We believe this partnership will result in substantial rewards for everyone, including our new Quixtar customers." In addition to helping more people find the furniture they want, FurnitureFind.com has instituted a new program to help average people design the home of their dreams. Having added a scalable room planner to their website to help shoppers decide if a new piece of furniture will fit in their living room, they quickly realized that a room planner doesn't really help anyone figure out if a piece of furniture should go, if it really matches the other items in that living room. FurnitureFind.com solved that problem by adding a new human component to the useful room planner: their new complimentary designer service. Employing professional interior designers, FurnitureFind.com has again exceeded customers' expectations of what the furniture business is all about by offering the services of these designers to those who are looking to re-envision their environment. "We've always been a leader in bringing extensive selection – in style, brands and price points – to our customers. Our focus now is on bringing customers those things in better ways," asserted Mr. Kwit. "For example, in addition to our complimentary design service, we're in the process of incorporating Endeca, a state-of-the-art navigation tool which will radically change the way customers find the furniture that's right for them, making that search faster and more effective." About FurnitureFIND.com FurnitureFind.com has been leading online sales of furniture since 1996. Founded in 1952 as Bookout's Furniture in Niles, Michigan, the company was an early adopter of an internet presence and has been a furniture industry innovator ever since. Featuring extensive information about furniture and some 8,000 products with over 100 manufacturers, FurnitureFind.com offers customers both live sales assistance and an online shopping cart, giving customers the choices they want in product and in service. FurnitureFind.com is headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, just ten minutes down the road from the original bricks-and-mortar store. For more information, visit www.furniturefind.com. About Quixtar Quixtar is a business opportunity company, offering entrepreneurs the ability to have a business of their own through Quixtar's I-commerce business model. I-commerce empowers Individuals to market products and manage their own business via the Internet, while being compensated by the low-cost, low-risk Independent Business Ownership Plan, and supported by the full-service Infrastructure of Quixtar. Since 1999, Independent Business Owners powered by Quixtar have generated more than $4.2 billion in sales at www.quixtar.com plus nearly $320 million for Partner Stores, earning in excess of $1.37 billion in bonuses and other incentives. Their efforts have propelled Quixtar to be named the number one online retailer in the Drug/Health & Beauty category based on sales, and 12th among all e-commerce sites, according to Internet Retailer's "Top 300 Guide." FurnitureFind.com is a trademark of FurnitureFind Corp. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.