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Trax Sales Introduces Store Traffic Counter With Gain Control To Increase Accuracy

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TRAX Sales announced the release of the TRAX Traffic Counter version 12.9, now with auto gain control (AGC) to remove ambient light effects on traffic counts such as auto high beams and sunlight. This enhanced device dramatically increases accuracy by virtually eliminating false counts. The new TRAX Traffic Counter eliminates one of the most common complaints associated with standard devices. Version 12.9 also provides stronger optics with a larger spectrum that makes alignment and set up faster and easier. The TRAX Traffic Counter accurately measures customer traffic. Combined with sales data, this provides close ratios that reflect the real performance of the store or showroom and its people Revenue per opportunity, also called Revenue Per Up (RPU), is the total dollar volume divided by the number of sales opportunities the business had that day. The TRAX Traffic Counter reports RPU as well as hourly traffic counts, weekly traffic comparisons, staffing ratio and closing ratio. By knowing the real level of the store’s performance, the manager has a benchmark for taking action to improve sales from existing customer traffic and improve the closing ratio. The TRAX Traffic Counter is the industry’s most accurate because of its patented tri-beam design. This design does not count as people leave, is able to count buying groups as one and it subtracts for non customer activity, all automatically. Thus, it works in both retail and non-retail locations alike. In retail applications, the system is configured to count in-bound opportunity traffic. In non-retail applications, the system can capture total body count for in-bound traffic. In other words, it can count a group as one or each individual independently. Full traffic analysis reports upload automatically to a PC or to the Internet to view 24/7, anywhere the manager has access to the web. About TraxSales TraxSales is Houston-based software systems company and manufacturer providing leading-edge customer traffic counting and sales staff management solutions to retail stores and retail chains nationwide. Products include the Trax Traffic Counter, a tri-beam integrated device with automated reporting; Trax Visual Proof, the first integrated traffic counter and camera verification system; Trax Upboard CRM Follow-Up System, an automated system that manages sales staff and tracks encounters and close ratios; and Trax Online Upboard, the industry’s first online application for sales staff and CRM management. TraxSales, Trax Traffic Counter, Trax Visual Proof, Trax Upboard, and Trax Online Upboard are trademarks of TraxSales.

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