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Free Mattresses for Hurricane Victims

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Strobel announced a program to get free mattresses to hurricane victims. Other agencies will provide basic needs such as food, water, and shelter. Once a person has shelter, the most important furnishing in a home is a comfortable mattress. Strobel will provide a free premium mattress to hurricane victims who have no insurance and are lower income. These victims will receive Strobel’s most popular model, the Supple-Pedic 4500. Strobel's Supple-Pedic mattresses are seen regularly on CBS's "The Price is Right." The free Supple-Pedic 4500 model features 4.5 inches of Polyfilax, Strobel’s unique formulation of Memory Foam, along with their Patented “Lever Support System.” This mattress is the newest technology and is state of the art. It provides 90% less tossing and turning, proven best back support, and clinically proven better sleep. These poor people who have had their lives shattered by the hurricane will get a luxurious mattress that they would otherwise not be able to afford. In this trying time these people will get greater comfort, reduced stress, and better sleep. Victims can apply for their free mattress at www.Strobel.com. Others can also nominate people in need to receive a free mattress at the website. Strobel and their dealers are funding this program by donating a portion of their proceeds from Supple-Pedic mattresses. Anyone buying a Supple-Pedic is effectively contributing to this fund, but more funding is needed to help more people. Please send donations to Free Mattresses for Hurricane Victims Fund, 3131 Industrial Pkwy, Jeffersonville IN 47130. You can also get the address, make a pledge, or use your credit card to make a donation, at www.Strobel.com