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Abbyson Hits 2006 with New Training DVD, Revolutionary Design System

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Abbyson Corporation, the manufacturer and distributor of home furnishings products, is starting 2006 with a bang. The company, best known for its hand-knotted Tibetan rugs and classic furniture, underwent many improvements in preparation for 2006. “Abbyson has taken feedback we’ve received from customers and our sales representatives and tried to create tools that will suit their needs,” said Yavar Rafieha, Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “We want customers to enjoy working with us, and to make the experience as easy and efficient as possible.” Abbyson is heading to the winter market at the World Market Center – Las Vegas armed with many powerful new marketing tools and programs, including the Abbyson interactive DVD and a ground-breaking custom rug design system. “The DVD and custom design software are tools that will help our customers increase their sales and make buying easier for them,” said Sarah Rahall, Director of Marketing and Sales. “They were designed so that we can serve our customers with the technology that is available to us.” The DVD, named the Abbyson Interactive Multi-media DVD (AIMD), features a catalog of all Abbyson products along with company information. The most impressive feature, however, is the rug weaving video filmed in Abbyson’s Tibetan factories and the surrounding area. “We strongly believe that the AIMD program demonstrates the value of our products,” said Rafieha. “Why are Abbyson products different? This DVD answers that question. It tells the story behind each rug and communicates the history behind the Tibetan culture and its weaving process.” In addition to releasing the AIMD program at the upcoming winter market, Abbyson is also introducing a prototype of a revolutionary new custom rug design program: the Abbyson Design Center. “The Abbyson Design Center allows customers to choose from over 200 colors and apply them to many Abbyson rug patterns,” said Rafieha. “This program is extremely versatile, user-friendly, and will revolutionize the way we work with designers and resellers.” The Abbyson Design Center consists of a computer, large monitor, and the exclusive Abbyson Custom Design Program software. “This program basically allows our customers to combine the power of their imaginations with the ease and accuracy of modern technology,” said Rahall. Abbyson has been working with computer engineers for over one and a half years to develop the Abbyson Custom Design Program software. “This will be a perfect tool for designers with unique color patterns or customers who desire a truly unique rug,” said Rafieha. “We also have the potential to provide in-house Abbyson Design Centers to our resellers so their customers may take advantage of this program.” As Abbyson heads to the winter market in Las Vegas, the company will have two innovative tools to assist their customers and sales representatives. “Abbyson is all about innovation,” said Rahall. “We are constantly creating new rug designs, developing our furniture line, and doing whatever it takes to improve and keep our product mix fresh in this industry. These new tools are a testament to our dedication to pushing the envelope of great customer service.” To view any of these new tools, please visit Abbyson Corporation in showroom 133 of the World Market Center – Las Vegas (open weekdays and during the upcoming winter market) or suite D-337 of the IHFC Design Center in High Point (open during biannual markets). You may also contact Abbyson at (818) 534-3400 or visit www.Abbyson.com

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