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Dutailier Introduces New, Innovative Comfort Recliner Collection

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Dutailier announced the introduction of its new Comfort Recliner Collection by launching the first 3 models of the series. Exclusively designed and engineered without making any compromise on style and comfort, this versatile chair is a trendy stationary chair with a flip-up footrest that reclines and also glides, thanks to an innovative glide feature exclusive to Dutailier. Moreover the styling is unlike anything that has ever been designed for a recliner that glides: it has high legs that lift it off the floor and small footprint, thus making it ideal for any decor. The new Dutailier Comfort Recliner looks fabulous with its trendy shape and clean lines. Yet it provides the ultimate in comfort seating with its upholstered arms, comfortable high back with extra lumbar support and ultra plush seating area. There is a hidden lock and there's no apparent handle. The integrated flip-up footrest easily releases the very smooth push-back mechanism. To launch this new collection, Dutailier uses its know-how and vast expertise to redefine the standards of recliner design in order to explore new consumer niches. But first Dutailier wanted to feel the pulse of the market and asked consumers what they were looking for when buying a comfortable chair. "Well, it's simple and complex at once!" said Dominique Godbout, Vice President of Marketing for the Dutailier Group. "Consumers told us that their preference goes toward a very comfortable reclining chair that does not look like one, because lately style has become a very important factor in recliners' design. Basically they're looking for a motion chair that has the trendy look of a stationary chair, a chair that would blend in perfectly in their decor." Dutailier listened and put its engineers at work to conceive a chair that would combine the style of a trendy chair, the comfort of a recliner and the relaxing motion of a glider. "We asked our engineers to conceive a versatile chair without compromising on the look, the comfort and the smoothness of the reclining and gliding mechanisms. It was very important for us to respect our high standards of quality," Godbout noted. The new Dutailier Comfort Recliner chair is currently available in three different styles with two new ones to be launched this spring at High Point. Present in over 15 countries on three continents, Dutailier has been making fine furniture since 1976 and has manufactured more than four million chairs to date in its six production facilities. In 2003, Dutailier widened its range of products and now manufactures unique juvenile bedroom furniture. Thanks to its excellent reputation based on the quality and the durability of its products, Dutailier has risen to a prime position amongst the furniture manufacturers in America, Europe and Asia. For more information, call 800 363-9817, visit http://www.dutailier.com or see this new line featured in the April/May issue of FURNITURE WORLD Magazine.

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