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Jazzmama.Com Provides 25 Practical Sleep Tips

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It seems America is having major trouble sleeping. And although the consumer has received sleep tips from various sources, some of this advice is just not practical. We have compiled a list of 25 common sense suggestions that will help us all get a better night’s sleep. Note: These tips are for information and entertainment only and are not intended as medical advice. If you have a serious sleep disorder, please consult a physician. 1. Turn off the lights. This is obvious but sometimes we fall asleep with the lights on. Our bodies rejuvenate better in darkness, so take a moment to turn off your bedside lamp before you drift away. 2. Don’t go to sleep on an empty stomach. If you skipped lunch and dinner, then have a light supper such as a soup, sandwich or a snack before bedtime. It’s impossible to fall asleep with hunger pangs. Cookies and milk work nicely before bedtime too. 3. Drink a nice hot cup of herbal tea. Make sure it doesn’t contain caffeine. Chamomile is highly recommended, but you can try something different as long as it’s herbal. Or drink a cup of hot cocoa. 4. Try not to argue or get upset before bedtime. Don’t watch the evening news as they are depressing. Try not to worry about problems. Watch the news in the morning after you’ve had your sleep. 5. Don’t sleep with your pets. Keep your pets in another area of your home or outside while you are sleeping. Don’t allow your pets to jump onto your bed at any time. Train them to stay in their own spaces. 6. Take a hot bath. Either a bubble (soaking) bath or a shower bath. This helps in two ways - it makes you feel fresh and clean and it helps to relax your muscles. 7. Get a massage. After you’ve had a nice hot bath, ask your mate to give you a massage and reciprocate the favor. If you are alone, then rub yourself down with oil or lotion and massage your arms, legs, feet and body as much as you can. 8. Don’t forget to brush your teeth. You’ll feel much better when your teeth are freshly scrubbed, and this will help reduce unpleasant morning breath. 9. Start a bedtime ritual. Establish a regular time to start getting ready for bed. Some things to include in your ritual are soothing music, a bubble bath, brushing your hair and anything else that is relaxing and pleasant. This prepares your mind and body for a better night’s rest. If you miss a night of your ritual, get back on track as quickly as possible. 10. Candles can be very relaxing and fragranced candles are even nicer. Light a few candles and place them around your room. JazzMama recommends using tea lights in votive holders as these will burn themselves out after you fall asleep. Always practice safe candle burning habits. 11. Sleep alone. Just because you live with someone doesn’t mean that you must sleep in the same bed. If your mate snores, kicks you, steals the covers, wakes up frequently during the night and causes you to wake up and lose sleep, consider having separate bedrooms. 12. If you are going to watch television until you fall asleep, engage your sleeper timer so that the TV shuts itself off after you’re in dream land. This way your subconscious mind won’t be subjected to negativity and noise, and you’ll sleep better when it’s quiet. 13. Eliminate noise. This is often overlooked. Turn off televisions, stereos, telephones, remove ticking timepieces, cuckoo clocks, and any other devices that create disturbances. Be sure to repair all dripping faucets. Silence is golden here. 14. Buy a white noise machine. These are relatively inexpensive and are designed to mask unwanted noises and lull you to sleep. They replicate pleasant sounds such as rainfall, ocean waves and country breezes. 15. Make yourself comfortable. Invest in a good quality mattress and bedding, including sheets, mattress covers, pillows and blankets. Ensure that your bedding is fresh and that your sheets are smooth. You will sleep so much better in a nice clean bed. 16. Replace old lumpy pillows. Most pillows are machine washable so you should wash them as often as necessary. If you have neck or back problems, invest in a good quality lumbar support pillow. 17. Your head should be comfortable and your hair shouldn’t get in your way. Take out any bobby pins, barrettes or rollers and remove rubber bands as these can snag your hair. 18. Ensure that your room temperature is at a comfortable setting and that you have adequate covers to keep you warm at night. In summer, if you are comfortable with just a sheet for covers, remove excess bedding and store it away. 19. If it is safe to do so and if it’s not freezing outside, sleep with your window slightly open so that fresh air circulates throughout your room and you breathe easier. 20. Read a boring book. Not an exciting page turner or thriller but a dull, boring book. Boring magazines work well too. Scientific and medical journals are extremely boring and are highly recommended. If you are having trouble falling asleep, just start reading your boring book, magazine or journal and you will drift off before you know it. 21. Keep bottled water at your bedside. In case you wake up thirsty you won’t need to wake up fully to get a drink of water. 22. Do not self-medicate. If you are suffering from a serious case of insomnia or other sleep disorder, consult your physician. Do not use over the counter sleep medications for extended periods. This can be detrimental to your well-being. 23. Take naps as time permits. If you have your own office, shut the door at lunch time, turn off your phone and take a nap. If you aren’t able to lie down then fold your arms on your desk and lay your head in your arms. Your nap time should not exceed one hour. 24. If you are really really tired, take a day off from work to catch up on your sleep. Please contact JazzMama if you can’t think up any excuses for why you’re not coming to work today. If you are the boss, that’s even better. 25. And finally, if you have mismatched bedroom furniture, odds and ends, and clutter in your bedroom - it’s time to buy a brand new contemporary bedroom furniture set from JazzMama.com About JazzMama: JazzMama (www.JazzMama.com) sells exclusively at eBay.com and offers the widest selection of contemporary platform bedroom furniture available on eBay. JazzMama provides personalized one-on-one consultations to create a custom bedroom that suits your individual needs. Beds are available in full, queen, king and California king size. JazzMama also carries a complete line of traditional bedroom furniture and furniture for every other room in your home. JazzMama is BuySafe.com bonded and offers financing through PayPal.com. In observance of National Sleep Awareness Week (March 27 - April 2, 2006) platform bedroom furniture dealer JazzMama.com offers free shipping on all bedroom groups sold through April 2, 2006 (within the continental U.S. only) Visit the National Sleep Foundation at http://www.SleepFoundation.org Copyright © 2006 JazzMama.com

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