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National Design Professionals' Survey Finds Consumers Want Freedom to Mix and Match Decor

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Key design trends suggest consumers want more freedom to express themselves and the home furnishings industry is providing them with the options to do so according to a national survey of 900 interior designers and decorators conducted and reported at http://www.bestdecoratingideas.com/. Designers indicated consumers want to mix and match home furnishings. Commenting on the survey results, Heather Higgins, Principal of Higgins Design Studio LLC, stated, "With stress-filled lives, feeling a personal connection to our home, as we awake, interact with loved ones or entertain friends, is essential to our happiness and well-being. Clients recognize this and are seeking design solutions that reflect their individuality and unique lifestyle." According to Dr. Larry Chiagouris, the consultant to the team that created the survey and who also serves as a marketing professor at Pace University, several trends are expected to increase in popularity next year. These trends are: •Mixing expensive with inexpensive items •Clients using the Internet to identify design options and resources •Eclectic looks rather than matched sets • Furniture in natural finishes •Furniture with custom finishes •Red hues for walls or fabrics •Dark wood furniture with brushed metal hardware •Lifestyle stores such as the Pottery Barn, Pier 1 and Crate & Barrel •Upholstery with thin, straight lines •Cabinetry to accommodate large television sets In commenting on the role of design professionals and these trends, Higgins also noted "A skilled designer can help consumers navigate the overwhelming number of selections, avoid pitfalls and successfully create their vision." Higgins was recently featured as the design professional for the winter season by Best Decorating Ideas. Her work is available at http://www.bestdecoratingideas.com/heatherhiggins. Best Decorating Ideas, through its website http://www.bestdecoratingideas.com/, provides a place where individuals can take advantage of these trends and view a portfolio of leading designers and decorators. Design professionals provide clients with access to virtual Private Showrooms created to share ideas and trends with their clients. The Private Showrooms allow clients to view conceptual designs or specific samples of work that their design professional is considering for their use, making the collaboration more enjoyable.

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