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Italy's Largest Mattress Manufacturer To Show In Las Vegas

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Magniflex, the largest Italian manufacturer of mattresses and a brand recognized for innovative sleep products, will be exhibiting a comprehensive range of mattresses from six of its widely recognized mattress collections at Las Vegas Market, Las Vegas Convention Center, July 24-28. Magniflex, has recently entered the U.S. market and has plans to open a retail showroom in New York in Fall 2006, manufactures environmentally and technologically advanced visco elastic (memory foam), latex, and foam mattresses. During Las Vegas Market, the company will feature mattresses from its Memoform Deluxe, Dualcomfort Magnifico, Duoform, Bluerest, Naturcomfort Deluxe, and Olympia collections. Magniflex will also showcase its Gold Mattress, which features a cover made using 22-karat gold yarn. The MEMOFORM® DELUXE is an all visco-elastic (memory foam) mattress that offers the ultimate in sleep comfort by implementing the dual effect of pressure relief and body weight support. Magniflex’s research laboratory designed Memoform®, an improved version of the original Memory Foam material, which was initially developed for NASA. Memoform® is composed of materials that are sensitive to both heat and pressure and that also contour to the body with up to 85% accuracy. Memoform Deluxe measures 9” thick and is covered with Dupont’s Coolmax™ fabric, which is specifically engineered to disperse body heat and humidity. The DUALCOMFORT MAGNIFICO is one mattress that offers two solutions. The 12” thick mattress is a composed of layers of 4” and 2” Memoform surrounding a core of Elioform (an enhanced and supple water-expanded polyurethane). In the queen, king, and California king, the Dualcomfort Magnifico makes it possible for two people to sleep on a mattress that meets their individual preferences, by coupling together two single cores under a zippered cover of Dupont’s Coolmax fabric. The cover is quilted on one side to an underlayer of cashmere fiberfill (for winter usage) and silk fiberfill on the other side (for summer usage). The Magnifico in twin and full sizes uses a single core under the Coolmax, cashmere, and silk cover. The DUOFORM mattress is a luxurious sleep solution from Magniflex. Using a patented combination of Memoform and Elioform, the Duoform combines both anatomic and orthopedic support into a mattress of pure comfort. While Memoform conforms anatomically to the body, Elioform offers the orthopedic support that keeps the spine in perfect alignment. There are three versions of the Duoform model: Duoform Classic, Duoform Deluxe, and Duoform Supreme. The 8” thick BLUEREST features a Mais corn fabric cover over the technologically-advanced Waterlattex core. Waterlattex is a proprietary combination of an environmentally advanced water-based polyurethane foam and latex which creates a medium-firm mattress that offers exceptional anatomic and orthopedic support. Mais corn fabric is a natural fiber that effectively disperses moisture away from the body. The 10” thick NATURCOMFORT DELUXE is constructed with a core of Eliosoft foam, a more elastic, softer foam than the firmer Elioform. The medium-firm Naturcomfort offers a high level of anatomic support, which provides for a natural alignment of the spine and improved blood circulation. The non-removable cover of Lenpur, a patented and highly-absorbent cellulose fiber fabric is quilted to a layer of Memoform on both sides of the mattress. OLYMPIA features a core of Elioform treated with Magniflex’s Airyform process to provide proper air circulation within the mattress and three distinct support zones. The 8” thick Olympia is covered with Magniflex’s Micro-Formed fabric, a lighter version of which is used in competitive athletic wear. This micro-holed fabric effectively facilitates ventilation by allowing air to pass freely throughout the mattress. The GOLD MATTRESS is what Magniflex calls “the most valuable mattress in the world.” It features a cover made using 22-karat gold yarn, and is a thermo-regulating non-degradable, anti-bacterial, odor-proof, anti-static and anti-stress piece. Magniflex customizes the Gold Mattress for consumers who purchase it, adjusting the five-zoned memory foam construction as needed to provide a tailored sleep surface. Retail price ranges from $20,000 - $30,000, depending on size. The mattresses in each of these collections are ventilated by Magniflex’s proprietary Airyform process, which promotes effective air circulation throughout the mattress and also prevents the proliferation of bacteria and dust mites. In addition, Magniflex has patented a technology that allows its mattresses to be roll-compressed. Roll compression allows the spring-less mattresses to be shipped, compressed, rolled up and vacuum packed at 10% of their original size, which reduces freight storage, handling costs, and keeps the mattresses clean. About Magniflex: Today, Magniflex is the largest mattress manufacturer in Italy and a brand recognized for unsurpassed quality and innovative sleep products. The company recently entered the U.S. market and will be warehousing on the east, west, and gulf coasts. Magniflex was founded over fifty years ago when Guiliano Magni began making mattresses at home because he believed, “In the same way a good diet nourishes the body, rest nourishes the mind.” The company can produce 10,000 mattresses each day in a state-of-the-art facility and has a consumer base of over two million in forty-five countries. A successful presence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia marks Magniflex’s serious commitment to growth. The company has never lost sight of its original vision, however, impeccable craftsmanship and genuine concern for the well being of their customers is as important at Magniflex today as it was fifty years ago.

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