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Thomasville Furniture Industries Announces New Pricing Policy

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Thomasville Furniture Industries, Inc., announced a new, multifaceted marketing strategy and pricing policy that will take effect on January 11, 2007. This strategic initiative underscores the company’s efforts to enhance growth and profitability for Thomasville and its retail network of dealers. One of the key elements in this ongoing brand initiative is Thomasville’s desire to provide consumers with a better and more consistent shopping experience through the company’s varied sales channels. As one aspect of this strategy, Thomasville will publish prices on its website for the first time because the company recognizes the importance of offering competitive prices to consumers who do their research before making their home furnishings purchases. This step underscores the important role the company’s website and the internet play in today’s furniture shopping experience. In addition to the internet published prices, Thomasville will also provide an MRP price list to its retail stores for both wood and upholstery products, allowing the retailers to remain competitive with the prices published on the company website. “We see this published price initiative as a positive step in supplementing and driving the retail and store experience by providing a thorough and fulfilling internet experience,” says Nancy W. Webster, President and CEO of Thomasville. “This is an exciting and historic event for Thomasville. We recognize the importance that the internet and our website play in our future, and the steps that we are taking will ensure our competitive advantage later,” Webster adds. Concurrently with the published price strategy and a new West Coast Distribution Center, Thomasville is instituting a landed freight program for all domestic retailers. Dealer Cost price lists as of January 11, 2007, will include all freight costs. The overall Thomasville brand strategy for 2007 also supports promotional efforts that are transitioning away from such industry standards as price-off initiatives and are moving more toward marketing programs that include gift cards, gift with purchase and competitive financing offers. “Ultimately, the greatest example of our brand exists in our stores,” Webster says. “The Thomasville stores are where consumers can enjoy the beauty and quality of our finishes, our fabrics, textures, colors, product displays, and where they can work closely with the Design Consultants who make their dreams a reality. This design, craftsmanship, and quality execution truly differentiates our Thomasville brand from the competition. “As we move into 2007, we believe that all of these strategic enhancements will greatly benefit our consumers by providing more relevant information and thus honoring her time and better fulfilling her needs, wants and expectations.” About Thomasville: Thomasville is recognized worldwide as an industry leader in distinctive product styling and superb craftsmanship. With nearly 160 retail stores in its growing network, Thomasville is dedicated to ensuring a truly great retail store experience where inspiring fashion and service exceeds the consumer’s expectations. Thomasville is a subsidiary of Furniture Brands International (NYSE:FBN). For more information about Thomasville, please call 1-800-225-0265 or visit www.thomasville.com.

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