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Powell Adds Online Retail Selling To PowellPro.net

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The Powell Company announced this week major new additions to its PowellPRO retail ordering system. Besides being able to shop for product and place orders, the system allows dealers online access to their open orders, inventory availability, plus order and shipment confirmations. It also offers early access to Powell specials. This newly announced "retail selling" module is now available and features: - In store online retail selling. - Quick and easy access to Powell's entire product line without the need for a printed catalog or price list - Retail pricing capabilities based on the dealers choice of profit margins. - Consumers can view an on-line presentation of Powell's products. - Easy check for in-stock quantities (no need to call to confirm) and dealers can place the consumer's order online, or hold to consolidate with other orders. - A quick and easy search function eliminates the need to search through countless pages of a catalog to find a single item. - Dealers can find the latest great deals on specials and closeouts. - A simple menu allows dealers the ability to change between retail and wholesale pricing, very much like changing an AOL screen name. To make the system even more user friendly, the PowellPRO system can be integrated into a dealer's website. This makes any presentation to a prospective consumer unique for that dealer. Tom Liddell, Senior Vice President - National Sales, says " We are confident that this system will make doing business with Powell easier and better than ever. We suggest that our retailers talk with their Powell sales representative regarding the use of this program. Our sales team is fully equipped to assist with any needs their customers may have." Powell has signed up over 1600 dealers since the inception of PowellPRO. All currently registered users will automatically be signed up for the new retail module. Founded in 1968, Powell has been a leading importer of design driven, high quality products for nearly forty years. The company's success is a result of its service oriented culture, broad product offerings, multiple sourcing and delivery options, and an industry-wide reputation for reliability, integrity and honesty.

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