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DUX of Sweden Introduces Mattress with Individual Lumbar Support

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DUX of Sweden announced the introduction of its newest model DUX 8888. According to Dux, it is the only innerspring mattress in the world that provides adjustable lumbar support to improve sleep quality. The DUX 8888 has a unique mechanical system, controlled by a crank, which adjusts the level of support targeting the lumbar vertebrae. The easily removable crank is inserted at the foot of each side of the bed. The mechanical system can adjust the height of the mattress for a total of one and a half inches by turning the crank up to 15 times. Designed to provide personalized support for the lower back, the system supports the spine and body in its natural position. “It is incredible,” said Bo Gustafsson, President of DUX North America who is testing the new DUX 8888 model himself. “I have been working for this company for 25 years. I have had my share of back problems, some caused by accidents. But, when I got to sleep on this bed, I found the perfect setting for me. It is truly surprising how little it takes to make such a big difference.” The crank in the DUX 8888 creates a continuously adjustable height for the hip area. Adding lumbar support can relieve back discomfort while remaining largely undetectable by the sleeper. The setting usually needs to be adjusted only once, making a mechanical system preferable to an electric system. Should the sleeper’s lumbar support needs change, the crank makes minute adjustments easily. DUXIANA Stores: The DUX Bed is sold exclusively in DUXIANA stores. DUXIANA has 32 stores in North America and over 110 world wide. Select stores offer the DUX Bed Sleep Chamber, a quiet room where customers can test out any DUX bed by appointment for up to four hours in comfortable clothes. The lights are dimmed and a surround sound stereo provides soothing music. About DUX: DUX (www.DUXbed.com) is one of the highest quality bed manufacturers in the world. For 80 years, four generations of the Ljung family of Sweden have studied ways to blend the science of healthful sleep with the ultimate in comfort.

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