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La-Z-Boy Retailers Find Faster Ways to Load Using Demountable Truck Bodies

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La-Z-Boy retailers in DE, NJ, PA, NY, CT, MA, and VA are benefiting from improved delivery service with the Demountable Truck Body System. Delivery contractor, Home Furnishing Service, of Elmer NJ, is using the Demountable Truck Body System for multiple La-Z-Boy stores in this region. This system allows Home Furnishing Services to shuttle two pre-loaded truck bodies of La-Z-Boy merchandise to outlying store areas in the evening. According to Nick Harz, owner of Home Furnishing Services, “Our drivers get on the road early and deliver more furniture because bodies are pre-loaded. In addition, they don’t have long stem times before their first delivery.” This system allows Home Furnishing Services to service remote markets seamlessly without regional warehousing or cross-dock operations. It allows the centralized distribution center, in Delaware, to maintain control over the loading of product onto straight truck bodies. The Demountable Truck Body System ensures that early AM delivery teams can mount their pre-loaded bodies and begin deliveries in their local region. Another benefit that Home Furnishing Services obtained by using the Demountable Truck Body System is the reduction of fuel cost by shuttling two loaded containers of La-Z-Boy furniture to their warehouse instead of using two straight trucks. Nick Harz estimates that by using Demountable Concepts, Inc., his fuel savings amount to 35%. Finally, the Demountable Truck Body System will enable Lay-Z-Boy to expand out of one major distribution center without the need for regional warehouses. The Nuts & Bolts TruckTainer Chassis Lift – Any standard chassis can be equipped with a hydraulic chassis lift that raises and lowers the Demountable Body. The lift comes equipped with a warning system to let the user know when the body is properly secured. TruckTainer Body Base Frame – The Demountable Body can be made from any standard body using a Demountable Base Frame. The base frame consists of four steel retractable legs that can withstand a 24,000 pound payload. TruckTainer Semi-Trailer – A tractor-trailer combination that is used to transport two to four loaded Demountable Bodies to a regional market. Once the loaded bodies are demounted, the tractor-trailer then picks up the empty bodies and brings them back to the distribution center where they will be loaded during the day for tomorrow’s deliveries. For more information on Demountable Concepts, contact: mfrett@demount.com.

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