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King Kong USA To Introduce Acupressure Point Massage Chair At Las Vegas World Market

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At the Las Vegas World Market this Winter, King Kong USA will introduce the “Mercury D5000 Acupressure Point Massage Chair.” King Kong USA, a leading manufacturer of high-quality massage chairs, will be exhibiting its complete line at its Permanent Showroom #314 in the World Market Center, Building 1, in Las Vegas. The “Mercury D5000 Acupressure Point Massage Chair” is designed with built-in speakers in its headrest so the user can listen to music input from MP3, CD or other music sources. The chair also has an option to synchronize the massages to the music. The latest introduction to the KingKong USA line of deluxe massage chairs, the “Mercury D5000 Acupressure Point Massage Chair” scans the body for body shape and adjusts massage functions so it can deliver a custom massage to fit the contour of your body. This model retains settings and preferences in memory for two users, so you can reuse without re-programming. Multiple massage modalities include deluxe air massage that utilizes 15 built-in air massage bags for arm, hand, back, seat, calves and feet. About King Kong USA: King Kong USA is a leading manufacturer of high-quality massage chairs that are designed and engineered to improve customers’ health and comfort based on natural healing, physical therapy and acupressure. The chairs are designed to adjust to the body through a natural formula of healthy posture, which stimulates blood circulation, stress relief and the relaxation of muscles, nerves and joints. King Kong USA is based in Riverside, California. For more information Email: irajosman@yahoo.com.

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